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fo shizzle

slang For sure; definitely; absolutely. A: "Yo, you going to the party tonight?" B: "Fo shizzle!"
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fo shizzle, my nizzle

slang For sure; definitely; absolutely. The phrase is a stylized slang variant of "for sure, my nigga." Though it originates in African-American vernacular, it is often used by people of other ethnicities as a kind of parody of hip hop language or culture that can be considered offensive. A: "Yo, you going to the party tonight?" B: "Fo shizzle, my nizzle!"
See also: FO, nizzle

full of shizzle

slang Full of lies, exaggerations, or nonsense. In this phrase, "shizzle" is used as a slang term for "shit." Oh, you can't believe a word that guy says—he's full of shizzle. Not one bit of snow. These meteorologists are full of shizzle.
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fo shizzle

and fo sho
phr. for sure. (see also shizzle. Sho is just dialectal for sure.) I’m ready! Fo shizzle!
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Fo shizzle, ma nizzle!

phr. For sure, my nigga! (Streets.) Am I here? Fo shizzle, ma nizzle.
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full of shizzle

phr. full of shit. (see also shizzle.) Dude. You full of shizzle.
See also: full, of, shizzle
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These include obvs (obviously), ridic (ridiculous), lolz (laughs), shizzle (form of US rap slang), cakehole (mouth) and dench (excellent).
like "G" and cultivate Ghetto-speak slang like 'bling, bling" and "pimpin" and "fo shizzle dizzle.
As a result of m'lud's wise and sage judgment it is not possible to copyright the phrase 'fo' shizzle my nizzle*' or indeed 'fo' shizzle my sizzle**' because these form part of a language.
raises the level of the hip-hop discussion--fa' shizzle.
I mean for sure, but that's not quite 2015 enough, so fo' shizzle it is.
NEWSNIGHT'S Stephen Smith reporting on Wu-Tang Clan's new album A Better Tomorrow being available only at art galleries: "For me this has absolutely virtuoso shizzle.
For shizzle, the growing shortage of qualified medical lab techs and the increasing numbers of baby boomers demanding more medical lab testing--coupled with the continuing development of automated equipment to aid fewer lab personnel to process all those tests--sounds as if the problem is conquered.
KT added: "My shizzle will feature some new face s and definitely some new songs, so come and have a listen and chuck some dough at a good cause.
Even in late spring, however, avoiding drizzle is never fo' shizzle.
DVD extras: Director and actors commentary, Driving Safety PSA featurette, Last Look Special spoof featurette, Fashion Fa Shizzle Wit Huggy Bizzle featurette, Vince's Bit For The Kids, deleted scenes, gag reel, theatrical trailer.
Projekt's Newcastle launch next Saturday will feature BCM residents PBH & Jack Shizzle in the main room and JamDJ and friends in room two.
Normally on the day of departure you're thrilled if it's raining at home, as that means your friends have to suffer in the drizzle while you pack up your shizzle, shout, 'Laters, losers