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and shitty
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also poopied, SF.) I’m shit-faced, and I know it.




1. mod. covered or soiled with dung. (Usually objectionable.) I got my shoes all shitty.
2. mod. lousy; rotten. (Usually objectionable.) This has been a real shitty trip for me.
3. Go to shit-faced.

shitty end of the stick

n. the bad side of a bargain; the troublesome part of a transaction. (Usually objectionable.) If you don’t want to get stuck with the shitty end of the stick, you’d better make your plans carefully.
See also: end, of, shitty, stick
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His face was a scraggle of whiskers, and the first thing Margaret Thomas said from her hospital bed was, "Go shave off that shitty beard
If, less Hispanically proud, he'd been able to say something as simple as "Don't do this to me" or "Look, you don't have to play shitty games with me," that would have given me a chance to make him see the truth--that the empty seat was not mine to give.
Sade: I played in a few shitty bands here and there throughout high school, nothing serious.
I shook Gruber's hand, looked him in the eye, and said: 'Thank you for helping us destroy the shitty law you passed.
That high trill that comes in to punctuate the song sounds like it's about to blow out any speakers it gets near, and those vocals sound like you're overhearing someone sing themselves through a breakdown from under the thin floorboards of a shitty apartment.
But a message to the press office: next time you feed us some shitty story about sponsorship of a children's football team in East Lanarkshire, we're choosing the dull release from Asda/the Coop/Heinz/MyShopIsYourShop .
In some works, a wad of thick paint has been plopped onto the surface of the canvas--it looks like the leavings of some giant pigeon--as though intended to clarify for the viewer the fundamentally shitty nature of life.
A controversial catchphrase for Swansea, coined for a Year of Literature competition - a "pretty, shitty city" - certainly put the cat among the Castle Square pigeons.
Take, for instance, her poem "Now": "There's something about / bad pens / that gives an air / of absolute insincerity / to everything--their caps off / 'n the caps laying / around too / like shitty disciples / to the mess.
Everybody tried desperately for me to say something shitty about him, excuse the expression.
For them to drop that team after what they did for the school, it's definitely shitty.
Photography tips: carefully frame the skater in the shot, be aware of background elements, shoot shitty photos until you get better PO Box 884570 SF, CA or photo-g@thrashermagazine.
In a few months, I'm getting out to mind my own fucking business, from somewhere else, and so I'm leaving this shitty country of which I'm sickened," Berlusconi added.
Sylphie, it's another shitty morning In Upstate New
Meanwhile, Aaron's partner is just desperate to move into the pub so they can leave what she calls "their horrible shitty life" in a London flat.