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and shitty
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also poopied, SF.) I’m shit-faced, and I know it.




1. mod. covered or soiled with dung. (Usually objectionable.) I got my shoes all shitty.
2. mod. lousy; rotten. (Usually objectionable.) This has been a real shitty trip for me.
3. Go to shit-faced.

shitty end of the stick

n. the bad side of a bargain; the troublesome part of a transaction. (Usually objectionable.) If you don’t want to get stuck with the shitty end of the stick, you’d better make your plans carefully.
See also: end, of, shitty, stick
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So the shittiest thing for me on every tour lately is every night after skating, everybody is fired up--they all got their tricks and they want to go out drinking or go get into something.
Dropping a bunch of cash to have a Hummer limo take all the homies from a hotel in Canada to the shittiest bar in town which was only ten minutes away.
Ben: A friend of mine had a house that his family couldn't pay for, so we went in and ripped out all the plywood after they moved, carried it down the street, and built the shittiest, tiniest halfpipe ever in my garage.
Located just West of Manchaca Rd on Berkeley Ave in South Austin, Berkeley Ditch is probably one of the saddest, shittiest little ditches I've ever met.
What's the shittiest show that you guys have ever played.
Go to Wal-Mart and buy a can of the shittiest spray paint they have.
It sure as shit ain't no wimpy V-neck sweater havin', pseudo-surf crap, but rather the kind of record that you could make from collecting the earwax from the ears of the denizens of the darkest, shittiest, loudest, rockingest bars, pounding it flat with a brick and throwing it on yer turntable.
You know, those days where you drive an hour through smog-infested traffic to get a 300 dollar no-elbow-pad ticket at the shittiest skatepark in the world, and then the pig takes your board?
With no previous experience I took the tattoo gun and freehanded the shittiest tattoo ever given to anybody.
And if you lived around here you'd know that Round Rock is probably the shittiest strip mall bullshit town in Texas.
Jefferson, shittiest rail ever, real narrow I don't know why people even skate it.
Because everywhere you look there's a 99-cent menu of the shittiest food and most people don't exercise.
Written by the guitar player/singer, its small initial chapters are two-to three-page autobiographical stories that set up the background of the hand, while the later sections are tour ruminations and philosophical and ideological monologues pondering What it is to be punk (if that's what it is), what role music plays in the big picture, and how sometimes the shittiest of times are the best of times.