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and shitty
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also poopied, SF.) I’m shit-faced, and I know it.




1. mod. covered or soiled with dung. (Usually objectionable.) I got my shoes all shitty.
2. mod. lousy; rotten. (Usually objectionable.) This has been a real shitty trip for me.
3. Go to shit-faced.

shitty end of the stick

n. the bad side of a bargain; the troublesome part of a transaction. (Usually objectionable.) If you don’t want to get stuck with the shitty end of the stick, you’d better make your plans carefully.
See also: end, of, shitty, stick
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I think they did shittier things to me than I did to them, but I don't know, man.
A shittier street board would be difficult to procure and it took about 10 tries for anyone to even land an ollie.
As the shittier segments of society would say, it's a "lifestyle" magazine that's got more than just skating.
But on the flip side, both dudes were writing from prison, and I know from experience some prisons are shittier than others about reading material they'll let slide to their inmates.
There's even shittier music too, but were not going to waste anybody's time here and start rambling.
Your sign will influence you the rest of your life, can predict the future, and will give you a point of reference to judge and discriminate against those with other, shittier signs.