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be scared shitless

rude slang To be completely terrified. I was scared shitless when I woke up to the sounds of an intruder in my house.
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scared shitless

rude slang Completely terrified. I was scared shitless when I woke up to the sounds of an intruder in my house.
See also: scare, shitless
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scared shitless

If someone is scared shitless, they are extremely scared. When I first met him, I was scared shitless.
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be scared (or bored) shitless

be extremely frightened (or bored).
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scared shitless

mod. very frightened. (Potentially offensive. Use caution with shit.) He wasn’t just frightened. He was scared shitless!
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And as I said before, even on Picnic at Hanging Rock I was scared shitless on what was going to come back the next night from the lab.
What with all those Cotton Mathers and Jonathan Edwardses rushing around ranting about any kind of sex being a sin, I think gay men were probably scared shitless by what they might have been feeling and thinking.
It turns out I feel angry, sad, scared shitless, oddly hopeful, oddly gleeful (I do find the irony of certain aspects of it hysterically funny at times), chaotic, focused--and the list goes on.
Awareness of his son's behavior would have exacerbated the father's fear of his own: in the May 1947 letter in which he told Mary that he had dyed his hair bright red one late night, Ernest confessed that "naturally in the morning I was spooked shitless" (qtd.
In the end, Werner decided to tell the truth: "I was scared shitless" he says.
I was scared shitless but there was no point in trying to get away.
I eBayed those bands' records into rent money years ago but when OG VSS salvos come shuffling out of my 2008 earbuds, I'm still thrilled shitless.
Embodiment of the Viz character Millie Tant, Carole could be a spectacular success or a disappointment who fails to fulfill her charming pledge to "shake the house shitless".
A Chinese lad on the west coast wrote to gloat that, since reading about my book, he'd been sticking it to the missus with rather more frequency and gusto than usual just to add one more Chinese baby to the yellow peril and thereby "scare me shitless." I e-mailed back: Good for you.
In an instant of rare lucidity, Corky apprehends the full significance of his membership of the white race, contemplating with profound unease the probable outcome of a fair, man-to-man fight between him and his black opponent: "If it was just Beechum and Corky Corcoran alone together of all the earth's inhabitants, no 'Caucasian race' standing outside Corky to give him definition and claim him for their own, Jesus, he would be scared shitless" (380).
That's why they call him El Viejo and everyone is scared shitless of him.
These mostly young and inexperienced troops, almost all of who lack the professional training required of urban police officers, were, put simply, scared shitless. Their training and their experience equiped them to secure hostile territory as invaders fighting an insurgency in war-torn Iraq.
At the second meeting, Maguire tells Will that for all his smugness and book learning, he is just a "cocky, scared shitless kid" who has "never dared to love anyone more than yourself ...
I was scared shitless when I first came out, and not of the coaches.