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Though there's not much difference between a shithead and a craphead or a shithole and a craphole, crap can't take the place of shit so effortlessly in all expressions.
Salaam: So in a sense you were working at mastering the previous shit, so you could do the out shit?
In short, speakers have no means of avoiding mergers either ante hoc (by prolepsis) or post hoc, and therefore the non-appearance of homophones in ModE shit and shut cannot have been caused by the need to avoid the merger because there was no means of preventing it in the first place.
We are from the South, so no one can say shit to us.
Ain't got one of them silly curls that get sticky shit all over yo fingers and hands when you touch it.
And by talk shit I mean you're going to have the opportunity to be a total asshole without any type of "fist city" repereussions.
These squares talking about you couldn't dance to it - shit, we danced to all of Diz's shit.
The title serves as a rubric for assorted work from this period, including the Shit and Cunt magazine sculpture, 1969, which boasts an enumeration of "The Laws of Sculptors" beginning with "I Always be smartly dressed, well groomed relaxed friendly polite and in complete control.
Shit, I don't know all that much about other skate shoes right now.
Although unaware that during the '80s David Hammons had himself made a series of sculptures from elephantine shit, Ofili, upon returning to Europe, knowingly "sampled" Hammons' Blizzard Ball Sale, 1983.
What's the new shit going on out there that Bob's percolating with?
Her voice is her magic weapon, which is why The Shit of God seems somewhat misconceived: it's a collection of texts from her major works of the '80s and '90s.
I mean, I can sit around and shoot the shit with them all day, but I've really got nobody to confide in.
Spaghetti, bubble gum, toothpaste, pubic hair, soap, aspirin, shit, masking tape.
Unless you've been laying on that table in stirrups bleeding with a speculum in you, you have no right to say shit.