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in (one's) shirtsleeves

Without a jacket of some kind on over one's shirt. Winters in this part of the country are so mild that we can usually stroll outside in just our shirtsleeves. By the end of the evening, all the men had shed their suit jackets and were socializing in shirtsleeves.
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in (your) ˈshirtsleeves

wearing a shirt without a jacket, etc. on top of it: Even though it was the middle of winter, it was so hot in the office that we were all in our shirtsleeves.
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The consequence of failing to deal with qualitative values (as traditional estate planning has done) leads to the result predicted: shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves.
On July 1, the La Scala orchestra shed its formal wear in protest and performed Gounod's "Faust" in shirtsleeves and jeans.
tmcHUD210610sing) * THE BOSS: Sam Clough (in shirtsleeves, standing in the inn doorway) with customers outside the Nag''s Head Inn, 1922.
A few portraits of artists taken in 1962 do the same: De Kooning grimly mugs in half-light, Giacometti broods heavily before a drawing, Kerouacsits in an unmade bed in his shirtsleeves, all manic energy.
There is a new world order, so to speak, and pretty much everyone will be rolling up their shirtsleeves and keeping them rolled up for a long, long time.
Olbermann in shirtsleeves getting breathless over Jackson, strike two.
While I was ice fishing, they were casting in shirtsleeves for tarpon.
The goal is to allow operators to work in shirtsleeves by introducing containment measures in production that reduce airborne exposure of the product to safe levels.
There are photos of me as a baby apparently suited up for an Arctic adventure while my brother and sisters, older and more adept at evading such fervent overdressing, stood by in their shirtsleeves admiring me.
More often than not, I'd find [the priests] out with their shirtsleeves rolled up, mucking about in their churches with their people," she said.
Out in the club car a dozen men in their thirties bare white shirtsleeves, smooth neckties, and business vests.
Relaxed, in his shirtsleeves, he spoke of his pride, and the passion of his players.
The director, Victor Terrazas Cervera, walks around the garden-like inner courtyard, unarmed and in shirtsleeves.
Wearing shirtsleeves and suspenders, Chief Justice Lewis often praised students with the right answers by exclaiming, "Correcto mundo
NASA officials say the agency's new rover will allow astronauts to putter around the Moon in the comfort of their shirtsleeves, requiring them to don spacesuits only if they need to leave the vehicle.