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in (one's) shirtsleeves

Wearing a shirt without a jacket of some kind over it. Winters in this part of the country are so mild that we can usually stroll outside in just our shirtsleeves. By the end of the evening, all the men had shed their suit jackets and were socializing in shirtsleeves.
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in (your) ˈshirtsleeves

wearing a shirt without a jacket, etc. on top of it: Even though it was the middle of winter, it was so hot in the office that we were all in our shirtsleeves.
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Imagine shirtsleeves. (Remember those ) The smell of sunblock.
AoHe then lifted his left shirtsleeve to show a forearm that had no skin.Ao Suresh isnAAEt sure if the injury was real, Aobut it looked so disgusting that I gave him RO2.
The jacket sleeve should be full at the top and taper downward, allowing enough room for inch of the shirtsleeve cuff to fall beneath it.
"What they'll really need is essentially an RV for Mars -- a pressurized vehicle that allows them to travel hundreds of miles from base camp and live in a shirtsleeve environment for weeks at a time.
Using local "shirtsleeve experts" like these can keep the costs down in many routine cases.
"I think he's the finest shirtsleeve editor that I've ever seen in a newspaper," says Perlman, who remembers watching German redummy the front page from memory over the phone late at night.
I wiped my shirtsleeve across my forehead, soaking up the eye-stinging sweat from my brow, as fellow Bowhunter Contributor Joe Blake and I briskly walked across a cut bean field.
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Using everyday gestures--reading a newspaper, sweeping the floor, folding shirts--Cunningham and Nicole Colbert demonstrated the intimacy and wit of domestic life where one glance or one rumple of a shirtsleeve can say so much.
Anyone in the news business should cling to that shirtsleeve way of life - or to steal a line from Madison Avenue, it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
The system, which currently connects Travelers offices in Hartford; Orlando; Norcross, Georgia; and Naperville, Illinois; and is being installed in five more locations, satisfies the "shirtsleeve" criteria by allowing graphics, text and spread-sheet presentations prepared on personal computers to be shared among teleconference locations, with changes in spreadsheet and other data displayed in real-time.
Buckskinners and casual shirtsleeve shooters alike will be interested in the dandy offerings by Cash Manufacturing Co., Inc., 816 South Division St., Dept.
Only the lower half of Vika's face is seen, as well as her tiny hands, with a butterfly clip placed on her pink left shirtsleeve.
The updated Open Innovations is a shirtsleeve forum that counts on bright interactive formats of presentation and discussion typical for the global technology congresses: public interviews, debates, presentations, lectures, master classes, workshops, pitches.
The shirtsleeve conditions were more than double the February average of 6.7C (44F) and came less than three weeks after temperatures plunged to minus seven.