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The six shirts were done; there was only the left sleeve wanting to the last.
When she was led to the stake, she laid the shirts on her arm, and as she stood on the pile and the fire was about to be lighted, she looked around her and saw six swans flying through the air.
"'Ulysses,' said I, 'this cold will be the death of me, for I have no cloak; some god fooled me into setting off with nothing on but my shirt, and I do not know what to do.'
And Eumaeus answered, "Old man, you have told us an excellent story, and have said nothing so far but what is quite satisfactory; for the present, therefore, you shall want neither clothing nor anything else that a stranger in distress may reasonably expect, but to-morrow morning you have to shake your own old rags about your body again, for we have not many spare cloaks nor shirts up here, but every man has only one.
{'Semper eadem' = the usual meaning is "ever the same" (Latin)-- presumably Cooper's talking shirt is being ironical, suggesting that that "worse and worse" is the constant condition of the press}
I have several relatives that belong to the corps, and they all tell me that while their bosses very frequently change their coats, they are by no means so particular about changing their shirts. But you are of foreign birth, ma'am, I should think by your dress and appearance?"
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"In this country, you have artists like Stormzy launching Manchester United's new football kit, Tottenham Hotspur launched a new shirt in a nightclub, while in America you have huge stars like Drake wearing them because they are trendy.
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The use of the T-shirt alone, unaccompanied by over shirt or jacket, was a direct response against the collared shirts of the white collar middle classes in the 1950s, whom portrayed economic oppression and social invalidation of the blue collar working classes, which had to wear jumpsuits to work.