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shirk (one's) duty

To avoid, neglect, or evade one's duty or responsibility. You're supposed to manage the company's social media presence throughout the day, but we feel like you've been shirking your duties lately. It turns out that he had shirked his duty as the quality assurance inspector, which resulted in several thousand batches being contaminated with E. coli.
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shirk one's duty

to neglect one's job or task. The guard was fired for shirking his duty. You cannot expect to continue shirking your duty without someone noticing.
See also: duty, shirk
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If not, then we've got powers that we're not going to shirk from.
Shirk, a technology industry veteran with a strong track record of portfolio management, product development and software services innovation, will lead the company's Airline Solutions business that provides technology support to 225 airlines worldwide and will join the company on June 5.
Shirk was most recently the head of the agency's legislation and policy division and has extensive experience in different policy roles for Revenue.
There are two margins on which the incentive to shirk could operate: whether the player goes on the DL, and how long he stays there.
Assuming that they earn that increase, and don't shirk their responsibilities.
As the advisor population ages, broker-dealers and custodians are at risk of losing AUM as advisors exit the industry," Shirk explains in a statement.
Several corporate-level employees--including chief financial officer Fraser Cameron and Jurjen Jacobs, vice president of global marketing and innovation, will be stationed in Boston but maintain offices in New Hampshire, Shirk said.
Defining these and then imposing the condition under which workers do not shirk ([V.
SPRINGFIELD - Malcolm Lowder "Mike" Shirk of Springfield died Aug.
In 2011, Public Defender Matt Shirk publicly called for such a system, noting the low recidivism rate being realized in the few other VTC's operating around the country.
The answer is desertion with intent to shirk important service under Article 85, UCMJ.
Namkung, Pritchard and Shirk all visited North Korea last year and held talks with officials in charge of U.
ASTON Villa's England hopefuls will not shirk their derby duties to preserve their prospects of World Cup glory, says Martin O'Neill.
Shirk has shown herself, maybe inadvertently, to be O'Neill's disciple.
According to MK Yohanan Plesner of the secular Kadima Party, the rise of Jewish youth who choose to shirk their military duty to engage in religious studies "warns of a crisis in Israel and tension in relations with the Israeli army unless this issue is resolved as soon as possible.