shirk duty

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shirk one's duty

to neglect one's job or task. The guard was fired for shirking his duty. You cannot expect to continue shirking your duty without someone noticing.
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or lower, but cannot make a credible promise not to shirk at such wages.
12, 1922, in Maquoketa, Iowa, to Joseph and Myrtle Cook Shirk.
Because the VTC Program is brand new to Duval County, there is no way to predict how successful it will be," Shirk said.
Smith, the Court of Military Appeals reversed a conviction for desertion with intent to shirk because the Government failed to prove that the accused's specific duties in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War, would have been dangerous.
On the central issue of Taiwan, Shirk contends, "The roots of the Chinese fixation on Taiwan are purely domestic, related to regime security, not national security.
The study said that up until the early 1990's one in every 20 Jewish youths would shirk military duty for religious studies.
In November, before even taking office, Shirk sent White an email instructing him to fire 10 senior attorneys and three longtime administrators before leaving office.
We're proud that we took third, but that's not what we came here for," said Paraclete of Lancaster graduate Ashley Shirk, who hit a two-run homer in the fifth inning.
Sir Albert may well think and say "there is a responsibility and I am not going to shirk it".
Shirk argues rather persuasively that China is saddled with a host of internal problems, ranging from widespread social unrest to rampant political corruption, that have sharply intensified insecurities among Chinese leaders with respect to their hold on power.
of California at San Diego) and Shirk (political science, U.
Corporate governance traditionally addressed this problem through a mixture of carrots and sticks, such as stock options to align manager and shareholder interests and fiduciary duty law to punish managers who shirk.
As such, they shirk responsibility and lack the emotional maturity to cope with the demands of adult life long after reaching legal adulthood.
The evidence presented here suggests that those insisting that players shirk are led to this conclusion by their use of an overly simple method of evaluating players.
Here, Tokyo-based architectural funsters Klein Dytham prove that they are never ones to shirk a challenge, even when confronted by the prospect of colonising a barely inhabitable sliver of land.