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shirk (one's) duty

To avoid, neglect, or evade one's duty or responsibility. You're supposed to manage the company's social media presence throughout the day, but we feel like you've been shirking your duties lately. It turns out that he had shirked his duty as the quality assurance inspector, which resulted in several thousand batches being contaminated with E. coli.
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shirk one's duty

to neglect one's job or task. The guard was fired for shirking his duty. You cannot expect to continue shirking your duty without someone noticing.
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Workers shirk in period one of the three-period contract whenever
One of the strengths of Shirk's argument is that it clearly establishes a basis for testing her hypotheses about policy and political incentives against evidence emerging in the period after that covered in her study.
"This suggests that IBD advisors who outsource tend to struggle more to build operational scale even though they outsource a core function with the intent of increasing capacity," Shirk said in a statement.
Shirk indicates she feels positive Administration officials were eager to listen to their recommendations, and is hopeful that the new Administration will act with both prudence and resolve in pursuing a mutually beneficial relationship between the U.S.
Such a player would shirk at a greater rate throughout the contract period, including when REMAIN = 0.
"Effective segmentation tends to be difficult for advisors to establish and implement," Shirk adds.
"Sakho and Skrtel are warriors, Can is physical and strong, Henderson's a warrior, Lucas has been brilliant, Stevie doesn't shirk anything, Coutinho is small, but aggressive."
Although we cannot shirk our responsibilities, and should strive to make a contribution, what we should neither indulge nor tolerate are those employers who have relied on the taxpayer to subsidise discount wages.
You know, some people say things to shirk their responsibilities." said Christine.
Officers were called to the scene just after 10 pm and found an armed man in the store, according to Indiana State Police Trooper Brooks Shirk. The man also fired at officers.
The 15-year-old organization provides approximately 100 to 120 service dogs annually to children with a variety of disabilities and needs nationwide, according to Karen Shirk, its founder.
About 30 employees will be working out of the Boston office, according to company spokesperson Amy Shirk, but there wilt be no jobs leaving New Hampshire.
The Chennai Super Kings owner also added he won't shirk his responsibility as the BCCI President.
Defining these and then imposing the condition under which workers do not shirk ([V.sup.N.sub.E] [greater than or equal to] [V.sup.S.sub.E] yields the well known no-shirking condition