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In another instance, a carrier's driver and others in the vicinity narrowly escaped serious injury when a computer backup power supply exploded as the package in which it was shipped was unloaded from a delivery truck.
While the CCIC is focused only on material being shipped to China, the trend appears to be toward taking a closer look at the material to prevent questionable overseas shipments.
Depending on the project, it may be more economical to warehouse the FF&E near the project, have it drop-shipped with individual rooms pre-packaged in trailers or shipped `just-in-time' as individual goods are needed.
PRE-SHIP(TM) can also send an e-mail notification to both the sender and recipient that the parcel is shipped, by which carrier, with an estimated delivery time, and a link to the carrier web site for tracking.
The new shipping entry system enables warehouse personnel to quickly and accurately enter items to be shipped either via a keyboard or a scanner.
TRACK(TM): Users have real-time or batch file access to multi-carrier parcel tracking information and USPS Delivery Confirmation data to monitor the delivery status of each of their shipped parcels.
As soon as an order is packed it is ready to be shipped.
Entegris' new FabFit 300 FOSB is currently being shipped to customers for qualification, and volume shipments of the system are expected within 60 days.
This allows shippers to streamline the shipping process, accurately track shipped items and capture shipped order status updates as they occur.