ship off

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pack (someone or something) off to (someplace)

To send someone or something to a certain location, often (of a person) abruptly, hastily, or unceremoniously. The kids were starting to drive us crazy, so we packed them off to a summer camp for a few weeks. We're excited to announce that we'll be packing off the first copies of the book tomorrow at noon.
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ship (someone or something) off to (someplace)

To send someone or something to a certain location, often abruptly, hastily, or unceremoniously, perhaps as punishment. The kids were starting to drive us crazy, so we shipped them off to a summer camp for a few weeks. After leadership changed, the agency shipped me off to some low-level bureau.
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ship off

1. To leave, as for a distant place: The soldier shipped off to the war zone. I said goodbye to my friends because I was shipping off the next day.
2. To send something or someone, as to a distant place: They shipped the prisoners off to an offshore island. We shipped off the packages.
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South Korea has sent a plane and coastguard ship to help after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship off the coast of east China leaving 32 people, mostly Iranians, missing.
Yokosuka [Japan], June 18 ( ANI ): The bodies of the sailors who have been missing after USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan, have been found, according to Navy's 7th fleet.
The vessel is suspected to have siphoned off 3,500 metric tons of fuel from a hijacked ship off the coast of Gabon about two weeks ago and then made its way towards Ghana, dpa quoted the Information Ministry as saying in a statement.
Milan :Pirates have freed three Italian sailors they abducted from a ship off Nigeria last month, the foreign ministry said in a statement Wednesday.
According to a separate report by the BBC, the US Navy in Bahrain, where the 5th Fleet is based, said in a statement that a security team on board the ship fired on a small motor boat after it disregarded warnings and "rapidly approached" the ship off Jebel Ali.
THE Royal Navy shot dead two pirates attacking a Danish ship off the Yemen coast.
Newfoundland filmmaker Victoria King's White Thunder is an absorbing portrait of American filmmaker Varick Frissell, who perished in an explosion on a ship off the coast of Newfoundland on March 15, 1931.
A search and rescue team from George Washington (CVN 73) and CVW 17 saved a life after coming to the aid of a heart attack victim on a cruise ship off the Virginia coast.
ISTANBUL: Pirates attacked a Turkish cargo ship off the coast of Nigeria, injuring three crew members, Turkey s state-run news agency Anatolian reported on Friday.
Combining two previously written, yet separate, first-person accounts, Dean King has recreated the 1815 wreck of a Connecticut merchant ship off the African coast.
They investigate a ship off the coast filled with illegal immigrants from China and Wen Li (Vivian Wu), a member of the Beijing Military Police who has been tailing the Chinese gang lord (Roger Yuan) responsible for the smuggling operation for three years.
Jim spies a beautiful and unlikely prisoner aboard a Dutch convict ship off the Cape of Good Hope and decides to help her escape.
Ever since Sir Francis Drake overpowered a treasure ship off the coast of Peru, every mariner had dreamed of capturing one of those towering vessels.
Summary: Somali pirates have seized a German-owned cargo ship off the coast of Oman.
Summary: Pirates have seized a Greek-owned cargo ship off the coast of Somalia, Greece's merchant marine ministry said.