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bite my shiny metal ass

rude slang A rejoinder that emphasizes one's annoyance with and dismissal of something or someone. The phrase comes from the TV show Futurama, where it is said by a robot character. A: "Yikes, what did you do to your hair?" B: "Oh, bite my shiny metal ass."
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bright shiny object

Something that is widely appealing or attention-grabbing for its superficial characteristics, but which is usually not useful, substantial, or long lasting. Recent technological advances seem to be just a series of bright shiny objects, consuming all of our attention for a while before something shinier comes along.
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Just like Solenn, many Filipinas still struggle to fight bad hair days and keep their hair shiny and fresh all day.
Shiny gold hats that fit our heads perfectly, usual cheery jokes and trivia and presents that included a heart padlock, phone stylus and mini screwdriver set.
Made a great bang and had good quality shiny gold hats and decent gifts including a bottle opener, bulldog clip and magnetic page marker.
Verdict: A decent cracker for the price 9/10 10 Christmas Crackers, PS5, Poundland Extra large shiny gold and red numbers with pretty ribbon.
Multiple iterations, breakups and solo careers later, three founding members of the 90s Chicago-rooted rockers -- Billy Corgan, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin -- are back to release their first collaborative album in 18 years, "SHINY AND OH SO BRIGHT, VOL.
ALIYAH: TOP AND SKIRT sheath clothing, SNEAKERS gabriel held vintage, SUNGLASSES the shiny squirrel.
Bright Shiny Things is an authentic, fast-paced crime thriller that explores modern, multicultural London and Muslim life.
Almost two months after the tragedy, his widow, Shiny George, has spoken about what really happened on the ill-fated day.
Orly Pacific Coast Highway Summer Collection, PS10.90 each What it does: Six bright, bold and shiny shades inspired by the sunny LA coastline.
One of the things I've noticed consistently through the years is that the easiest way to find a bowhunter in camouflage on a sunny day is to look for something shiny. It is the single thing that most often allows me to spot a camo-clad bowhunter sneaking around.
Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in Black Cherries, PS2.99 ( "THIS polish is beautifully shiny and the thick, flat brush means you can almost cover a nail in one stroke.