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SHINING 3D's target market is not only the average consumer, but also professional engineers or designers who use the machine to create 3D model of a product.
helicopter blade, from the lion's mane in a shining bucket.
The Shining," adapted into the famous film starring Jack Nicholson in 1980, told the story of Jack Torrance becoming haunted by evil spirits while employed as the Overlook's caretaker.
CCTV controllers said they had seen Griffiths shining a laser beam from the Prince Charles Road location and police were sent to arrest him.
The result is an exhibition which is diverse and inspirational and which is a shining example of how to be creative.
Gamma-ray bursts are the ideal tools to study the transition from a dark universe filled with neutral hydrogen atoms to a shining cosmos containing an abundance of ionized atoms, says Loeb.
His absolute favorite story, repeated often, was of Abraham Lincoln, shining his shoes one morning when Secretary of State William Seward entered and exclaimed, "Mr.
It's not often, or for very long, that you see just one star shining alone.
The message is beautiful for daring to imagine the glory of God shining out to the world, and the world responding by streaming to Jerusalem to proclaim the praise of the Lord.
Conductor finds out he is running out of his vital gold dust that helps him travel between Shining Time Station, where he is about a foot tall, to Sodor, where he is scaled proportionate to the trains.
White light is made up of all colors of the rainbow, a property you can discover yourself by shining white light into a prism, a triangular crystal that refracts (bends) white light rays into a spectrum, or range of all colors (see diagram below).
By focusing appropriately on the final, monumental scene, Sallis brings to light "the shining of theatre in theatre," much in the same way that Paulina draws the curtain aside to reveal a special truth of art to Leontes - and to those of us in the theatre, and also in the imagined "Theatre of Stone" (145).
His efforts have led not only to political attacks from enfranchised power elites but to physical attacks from leftist groups, such as the Maoist Shining Path, who have placed him on the top of their hit list.
The Shining Path, one of the world's most violent terrorist groups, is in the United States' own backyard.