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hang out (one's) shingle

To start a business of some kind. I'd be glad to take on your case—after years at that law firm, I'm finally hanging out my shingle.
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hang out one's shingle

Open an office, especially a professional practice, as in Bill's renting that office and hanging out his shingle next month. This American colloquialism dates from the first half of the 1800s, when at first lawyers, and later also doctors and business concerns, used shingles for signboards.
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hang out your shingle

begin to practise a profession. North American
The main and oldest sense of shingle is ‘a wooden roofing tile’, but in the early 19th century the word developed the more general sense of ‘a piece of board’, while in the USA it also acquired the particular meaning ‘a small signboard’. Literally, hanging out your shingle refers to hanging up a sign that advertises your profession.
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hang out/up your ˈshingle

(American English, informal) start to do business from your home, especially as a doctor or a lawyer: After graduating, he decided to hang out a shingle as a consultant.
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shit on a shingle

n. creamed chipped beef on toast. (see also creamed foreskins. Military. Usually objectionable.) Oh, no, it’s shit on a shingle again tonight.
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I'll make you feel sorry When you find my dead body Washed up on a far shingly shore.
Gasmask snoring 'like advancing shingly waves' in Proxopera.
A more shingly stretch of beach, again backed by trees, was just a 10-minute walk from our mobile home, which nestled amid tall pines.
and we were delighted to find a range of beaches, from secluded, sandy coves to busier, shingly stretches to explore within easy striking distance.
The beach isn't the best - it's small and shingly - but the sunbeds do fill up.
shingly, he claims in the book that some g around the mountain believed in fairies dern times, based on legends dating back termingling of Bronze Age indigenous inwith Iron Age colonists.
Under 100 metres from our Waikiki was the expanse of azure lake, with a shingly beach with one half open to the public, the other only to the site's residents.