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An additional goal of the website for Tampa Bay Shines is to encourage visitors to get engaged with the site and encourage residents to share their stories.
The WordPress community website for Tampa Bay Shines can be found at: http://www.
To learn more about Tampa Bay Shines and it read its featured launch page, visit:
Keep visiting your school's dedicated Shine web page and build on your school's 'wall of talent'
The Shines reached out to a number of local sponsors to help them on their trip.
Until recently, the Shines had little experience riding a tandem bicycle.
Scott and Jenny Shine are giving new meaning to the romantic notion of a tandem bike ride.
The lip shine, which comes in snazzy recycled aluminum packaging, has an attractive shine to it and can be applied on its own or over lip colour, with your finger or with a brush.
To claim your lip shine, simply answer the following question - what is the normal retail price of stila lip shine?
One stila lip shine in blush per customer with registration.
OLE SMOKY CHOCOLATE MILK In a pint mixing glass with ice, measure: Ole Smoky Shine Nog C 2oz Hershey's Chocolate Syrup C 1oz Shake for 5 seconds & strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass
OLE SMOKY SHINE NOG CIDER In a rocks glass or tumbler filled with ice, pour: Ole Smoky Shine Nog - 2oz Sparkling Apple Cider - 3oz Finish with a cinnamon stick