shift ground

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shift (one's) ground

To adopt a different viewpoint or opinion. I was shocked when Liz suddenly shifted her ground and started seeing things as I did.
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shift one's ground

Fig. to change one's opinions or arguments, often without being challenged or opposed. At first Jack and I were on opposite sides, but he suddenly shifted ground and started agreeing with me. Jim has very fixed views. You won't find him shifting his ground.
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He eulogized: 'He was called Mr Fix it not because he could solve all problems, but because he believed any problem can be solved if people are ready to shift ground.
The position of COEASU to shift ground and welcome dialogue is greatly appreciated by Nigerian students of Oyo State.
The monarch said 'all the efforts of the people of the Southern senatorial district and major stakeholders to make the BEDC see reason and shift ground in what seems to be its resolve that there is perpetual blackout in the area had proved abortive.
The bishop spoke about tension in the land because what one section wants is inimical to the interests of another section and nobody is ready to shift ground. He said while the separatist agitations are not the way out, the yearnings of the constituent units should be addressed if Nigeria is to become a true nation.
The NANS, however, appealed to JAC to shift ground in order to find a lasting solution to the impasse.
But the meeting, which lasted over two hours, failed to resolve the problem, with each camp not ready to shift ground.
We therefore appeal for understanding and call on all parties to shift grounds.