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Shier, of Greenwood Street, Barry, who is unemployed, admitted three counts of indecent assault against the first girl and sexual assault by touching against the six-year-old.
I missed shooting a lot of skate photos by just gawking at all the women--staring at one of the many Eastern European model types walking by in a short skirt while Paul Shier was rolling away from a hammer situation.
Sales) operates as an apparel retailer under the banners Stitches, Sirens, Urban Planet, Siblings, Bluenotes, and Suzy Shier.
Mr Shier said: "Estate agents may say the house is only worth pounds 100,000, but it's a piece of art to me - and to someone quite artistic or with a certain eye it will be too.
This is a huge accomplishment for one of our very own Melting Pot restaurants to be in the most notorious wine state in the country with more restaurants per capita and be chosen for this award," Shier said.
In defence, the court was told that Shier had been given the cap as a birthday present.
It's an all-new vehicle that's going to appeal to a different category of people,'' Shier said.
Quality time with her family is one of the best gifts a mom can receive," says Kendra Shier, vice president of brand development for The Melting Pot.
Richard Shier scored a late winner for Llanwern against Maesteg Park, who suffered their first defeat since Mal Camilleri took over as manager.
In news dealing with other New Deal riders, cosmopolitan sophisticate Kenny "Ken" Reed is moving to Barcelona for a while with the UK's Paul Shier and is bound to get into all sorts of romantic entanglement.
The new, scaled-back H2 SUT will be priced in the $50,000 range and will be a mere shadow of the original Hummer's military legacy - with a power-operated soft top, a night vision system, and computer and cell phone docking stations, said Norm Shier, the West Coast Hummer factory representative.
Sillerman and Barry Shier Assume Key Senior Management Roles
HERO Curtis Shier is being honoured for dragging a drowning teenager from Cardiff Bay - but today he told the boy: "I'm just sorry I couldn't save your dad.
The customers are becoming more leisure-oriented than gaming-oriented,'' said Barry Shier, an authority board member and executive with Mirage Resorts Inc.
YM owns and operates apparel stores under the brand names Bluenotes, Siblings, Sirens, Stitches, Suzy Shier and Urban Planet.