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get shet of (someone or something)

To discard, eliminate, or become free from something or someone. We finally got shet of your younger brother. He's so annoying! Would you please get shet of that filthy couch already?
See also: get, of, shet

get shut of someone or something

 and get shed of someone or something; get shet of someone or something
Rur. to get rid of someone or something. I can't wait to get shut of that old refrigerator. Tom followed me around for months, but I finally got shed of him.
See also: get, of, shut
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The village of Taldy in Shet district has 1,800 inhabitants and there are 161 yards.
A painting depicting young girls and women taking on new roles in the new millennium by Preethi M Shet, a Bangalore-based 10 year old, was selected as the Indian submission.
Yeah, same shet, fawty hours, come home put in anada five.
The Record earlier exposed Eckerman for the tall tales he used to woo women and raise cash for bogus charity events in Orkney, Shet land and Edinburgh.
Tenders are invited for Energisation of general ag pumps & hvds for shet tale under butibori s/div under butibori division of nagpur urban circle