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The major investment criteria from most fine paper producers make five critical demands on the sheeting line:
The sheeting process starts with the positioning of the paper reel on the machine, to be unwound ready for slitting and cross-cutting.
As the web of paper is fed into the slitting section, two issues impact the sheeting line's overall flexibility and production efficiency.
Having tackled format flexibility upstream in the sheeting process through rapid automated reel changes and push-button variations in slitting width, sheeting equipment manufacturers have focused on introducing solutions that allow the mill to make frequent changes to cut-off length in the shortest possible time.
Designs range from simple tubing winders to short-cycle, automatic C&A winders, and high-quality computer-controlled sheeting winders.
Corotating, twin-screw mixing extruders and pelletizing systems; twin-screw compounding with direct in-line sheeting of filled and reinforced plastics; and single-screw profile extrusion from commingled reclaim.
monofilament extrusion lines for polyolefins, nylon and PET; flat film and sheeting installations for monolayer and coextrusion technology; single-screw extruders as large as 14-in.