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rap sheet

A list of a person's criminal history. The suspect had a rap sheet a mile long due to his numerous run-ins with the police.
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three sheets to the wind

Severely intoxicated from alcohol, to the point of finding control of one's actions or coordination difficult. Taken most likely from nautical terminology, where a "sheet" is the rope that controls the sails of a tall ship; if several sheets are loose or mishandled, the boat's movement becomes unsteady and difficult to control, like that of a drunk person. On his 21st birthday, Jeff's friends took him to every bar in town until he was three sheets to the wind.
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But the air was mostly water, what with flying spray and sheeted rain that poured along at right angles to the perpendicular.
With the slitting and cross-cutting operations completed, the remainder of the sheeting line deals with the overlapping and stacking of the sheeted paper.