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the whole shebang

The entirety of something, including all things related to it. While I'm in London, I want to see Big Ben, the palace, the whole shebang.
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whole shebang

everything; the whole thing. Mary's all set to give a fancy dinner party. She's got a fine tablecloth, good crystal, and silverware, the whole shebang. How much do you want for the whole shebang?
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whole ball of wax, the

Also, the whole enchilada or shooting match or shebang . Everything, all the elements, the entire affair. For example, The union demanded higher wages, a pension plan, job security-the whole ball of wax, or The contract includes paperback rights, film rights, electronic media-the whole enchilada, or She lost her job, her pension, her health-care coverage, the whole shooting match. Not all the allusions in these slangy terms are clear. Ball of wax may refer to a 17th-century English legal practice whereby land was divided among heirs by covering scraps of paper representing portions of land with wax, rolling each into a ball, and drawing the balls from a hat. An enchilada combines several foods inside a tortilla; a shooting match denotes a shooting competition; and a shebang is a rude hut or shelter. The first two of these slangy terms date from the second half of the 1900s, the last two from the late 1800s. For synonyms, see whole kit and caboodle; whole megillah.
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whole shebang

Also, whole shooting match. See whole ball of wax.
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the whole shebang

The whole shebang is every part of something. It was while at the Mad House that Nancy met the man in charge of the whole shebang, Colonel Maurice Buckmaster. You get to dress up: bow tie, fancy shirt, tails, the whole shebang.
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the ˌwhole sheˈbang

(informal) the whole thing; everything: It’s not just a computer we need. We’re going to have to get a printer, a scanner, a CD-writer, the whole shebang.
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the whole shebang

and the whole shooting match (...ʃəˈbæŋ)
n. the whole affair; everything and everyone. (Folksy.) The whole shebang is just about washed up. The boss put an end to the whole shooting match.
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whole shebang, the

The entire structure; the whole business and everything connected with it. The precise meaning of shebang in this phrase has been lost. It dates from mid-nineteenth century America, when it denoted a hut or shack, which makes no sense in the current cliché. Bret Harte used it: “That don’t fetch me even of [sic] he’d chartered the whole shebang” (“The Story of a Mine,” 1877). An alliterative synonym is the whole shooting match (also put as the whole shoot). Originally this meant a shooting competition, a usage dating from the mid-1700s. The addition of whole and the figurative meaning are much newer, dating from the 1900s. Also see kit and caboodle.
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Shebang, which provides sim-only tariffs as well as those including handsets, has used the ThinCats funding to support a restructure which is forecast to lead to the firm more than trebling its current 3,500 customer base over the next 12 months.
Even after the shebang is set straight, you may have jitters about full-on trusting your BFF with top-secret info.
The Dreamgirls star wrote, arranged, and coproduced the whole shebang, assisted by the Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, and others.
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One wrong move and the whole shebang will crash down on you.
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The whole shebang came down, in other words, because of Roseanne and Gloria Steinem, not because of Islamic Jihad and Mohammed Atta and his virgin-seeking squadron of flyboys.
The dance guy had become the boss man--the artistic director, the Diaghilev-like impresario of the entire shebang. Naturally, dance played a larger and larger part on the Broadway scene.
What has held me back so far has been electronics to control the whole shebang, but I have recently taken some steps to finally bring my surround-sound setup to actualization.
Not only is he expected to have a full understanding of every last nut and bolt on his car, but he's also expected to be an able manager of the whole shebang. Yet, from my own experience, I've learned that technically very gifted people are rarely very good people managers.
Computers interconnected through a network and running clustering software so that the whole shebang acts like a single big computer- that is a cluster.
The approved plans filed with the Building Department were not followed, sources said, and while the joist size was also increased, it was all improperly braced, so when concrete was poured over a steel deck that substituted for a wood floor, the whole shebang collapsed.
"We had a customer who really wanted to be kind to the Earth," says Sasha Souza, who runs The Whole Shebang in Pleasanton, California.
The reimbursement from Medicaid and Medicare forms the base of most facilities' operating budget; in some, it's the whole shebang. Therefore, meaningful upgrades in the wage levels for nursing assistants in long term care are not going to happen unless there is some kind of upward adjustment to reimbursement rates.