he, she, etc. wouldn't harm/hurt a fly

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wouldn't harm a fly

Is particularly shy, diffident, or timid by nature. My brother is a very sweet, warm-hearted man who wouldn't harm a fly. How can you suspect him of committing this crime?
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wouldn't hurt a fly


wouldn't harm a fly

If someone wouldn't hurt a fly or wouldn't harm a fly, they are very kind and gentle. She was such a lovely girl, who wouldn't have hurt a fly. He is, he insists, a pacifist, who would not harm a fly.
See also: fly, hurt

wouldn't hurt (or harm) a fly

used to emphasize how inoffensive and harmless a person or animal is.
See also: fly, hurt

he, she, etc. wouldn’t harm/hurt a ˈfly

he, she, etc. is kind and gentle, and would not hurt anyone: The dog may look very fierce, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly.
See also: fly, harm, hurt
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She was such a lovely dog, she wouldn't hurt a fly. To think someone may have done something so cruel and horrible is so hard to comprehend.
They said: "She wouldn't hurt a fly and was just a quiet, gentle soul.
Her sister Susan Hubery, 44, said: "It is absolutely sickening, she wouldn't hurt a fly." Full story P4
She wouldn't hurt a fly." Hendry says she reckons Knox must have been mixed up with the wrong people and kept quiet out of fear.
My boyfriend says she's a big sop and I'm being daft because she wouldn't hurt a fly, but I'm afraid of her.