she's right

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she's right(, mate)

Everything will be OK; things will get better; don't worry about it. Primarily heard in Australia. Dave: "I'm just really worried that something's going to go wrong at the conference." Jim: "She's right. With how hard you've worked, it will be great!" Sarah: "Things have felt really rocky between me and John lately." Janet: "She's right, mate. I'm sure it's just the stress of his final exams that's making things hard at the moment."

she's (or she'll be) right

that will be all right; don't worry. Australian informal
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HOLLYOAKS Lynsey's got a few more sleepless nights ahead of her yet, as Silas steps up his reign of terror by declaring he'd like to play a game with her; she has until midnight on Halloween to identify his next victim and if she's right, he'll hand himself in to the police.
plenty of other races for her and I'm sure that she'll make her mark when she's right.
She's right when she says bigger classes lead to less focused relationships between pupils and teachers.
She's right, but the speedy progress of Delta and ValuJet, which fully involved the FAA, shows what can be done safely and expeditiously.
The "Pontius Pilate approach" is what Senator Carol Moseley-Braun called it, and she's right.
I'm sure she's right when she says it caused a lot of heartache but it sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than sitting in the corner quietly growing a tache.
She's right, I've always suspected low expectations were key to a happy marriage.
She's right, of course, although children will inevitably be drawn to her work whether it features magic or misery.
If Disgruntled Pensioner isn't even getting a thank-you for her gifts, she's right to call it a day.
I How can I know if she's right when I've never heard of her?