she's right

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she's right(, mate)

Everything will be OK; things will get better; don't worry about it. Primarily heard in Australia. Dave: "I'm just really worried that something's going to go wrong at the conference." Jim: "She's right. With how hard you've worked, it will be great!" Sarah: "Things have felt really rocky between me and John lately." Janet: "She's right, mate. I'm sure it's just the stress of his final exams that's making things hard at the moment."
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she's (or she'll be) right

that will be all right; don't worry. Australian informal
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Veneman also says the new policy will improve local participation, and she's right about that, as well.
She's right. In fact, admissions officers at the most selective colleges say the application process has become such a high-stress exercise in resume packing that the nation's top students are arriving on their campuses on the brink of burnout.
Gabrielle pegs her sound as "pop music with classical soul," and we say she's right on the money.
On many issues, she's right in line with the Christian Coalition.
And she's right. Dancers and choreographers have found each other; companies have been spawned.
(She's right.) Now my dad is, taking me to the eye, doctor.
She's right, but there's a history here, too--for instance Faith Ringgold's improvised docent-tour/performance/lecture on the African roots of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.
She's right to worry, as later the police pull up and come to talk to a belligerent Cain, and everyone is shocked when they arrest him for Joe's murder.
And she's right. The truth is most people (including me ) don't have a clue what The Bard's on about and have to buy one of those Coles Notes books to explain it all.
She's right. This is a job that's holding some profound significance for us both.
In a way though I guess she's right. Take the case of Adele.
Whether she's right to spoil his book launch is neither here nor there.
She does have a devastating turn of foot when she's right and that slow ground might take away a bit of that dash," Messara said.
He said: "She didn't think she was good enough and she's right.
"She's right up there with the top one or two pitchers I have had here in 32 years," coach Mike Allard said during Collier's breakthrough season.