(one) will be lucky

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(one) will be lucky

That is very unlikely to happen or be the case. The phrase is used sarcastically or with a sense of resignation. And just who is going to pay me back for this thing now? I'll be lucky if I get 50 bucks for it at a pawn shop!
See also: lucky, will

you, he, etc. will be lucky (or should be so lucky)

used to say that someone's wishes or expectations are unlikely to be fulfilled.
See also: lucky, will

ˈyou’ll, ˈhe’ll, etc. be lucky

(also ˈyou, ˈhe, etc. should be so lucky) (spoken) what you expect or hope for is unlikely to happen: You were hoping I’d come and collect you from the airport after midnight? You’ll be lucky! Try a taxi!‘Come and see us if you are ever in Australia.’ ‘I should be so lucky.’
See also: lucky
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I expect you will really value the girl you do decide to get together with and she'll be lucky to have found someone with enough confidence to wait until he's ready before having sex.
But she'll be lucky to get a peck on the cheek with this latest look.