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world shattering

Totally and completely surprising, with the sense that whatever is described as such is shocking enough to change one's view of the world. However, the phrase is often used hyperbolically. Finding out that my dad isn't my biological father has been completely world shattering. I don't know who to trust anymore. A: "Oh my God, did you hear the world shattering news?" B: "Yeah, I can't believe that Sue is leaving the company. It won't be the same without her!"
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dash (one's) hopes

To undercut one's dreams or optimistic views. I became a lawyer after my parents dashed my hopes of being an artist.
See also: dash, hope

hardly earth-shattering

Not surprising. Greg has been staying late at the office regularly for months, so it's hardly earth-shattering news that he was chosen for the big promotion.
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shatter (one's) hopes

To undercut one's dreams or optimistic views. I became a lawyer after my parents shattered my hopes of being an artist.
See also: hope, shatter

dash/shatter somebody’s ˈhopes

destroy somebody’s hopes of doing or getting something: Any hopes that the museum would be built this year were dashed yesterday when the council announced its plans to spend less money on the arts.His poor performance in the exam shattered his hopes of becoming a lawyer.
See also: dash, hope, shatter
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OVER TO YOU Former TD Alan Shatter shakes hands with Green Party candidate Catherine Martin
While condemning the attack, Shatter highlighted, that it is "important .
Nick Frey, president of the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission, said that in his region shatter took its biggest toll on Sauvignon Blanc, although it affected nearly all varieties to some degree.
Mr Shatter was competing against Ballinteer-based Mr Richmonde, a former parliamentary assistant to TD Olivia Mitchell, who is retiring from the Dail.
Coun Pritchard said: "Just days after we contacted them they agreed to install shatter resistant glass in the box.
Angry after the loss of his seat in the Dublin-Rathdown constituency, Mr Shatter said the Taoiseach must take responsibility for what happened.
The party leader insisted that the Department of Justice and An Garda Siochana could not be overhauled with Mr Shatter in the Cabinet.
Besides explaining a quirk of everyday life, the new studies are improving scientists' grasp of fragmentation--the process by which objects shatter.
The pods were classified as (i) immature pods, pod color ranges from dark green to light green; (ii) mature pods, pod color was green-white to dark brown; and (iii) dehisced pods, pods begin to twist and dehisce and the seeds shatter (Winch et al.
Justice Noonan as good as told Mr Shatter to catch himself on and stop complaining about something he brought on himself.
The controversial TD went a step further, claiming Shatter was using confidential Garda information for political purposes.
All tempered glass derives its high strength and its tendency to shatter explosively from the forces between its atoms.
Mr Shatter challenged parts of Mr Guerin's involving his handling of garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe's claims.
THE Immigrant Council of Ireland has welcomed news that Justice Minister Alan Shatter is reviewing legislation on prostitution.