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world shattering

Totally and completely surprising, with the sense that whatever is described as such is shocking enough to change one's view of the world. However, the phrase is often used hyperbolically. Finding out that my dad isn't my biological father has been completely world shattering. I don't know who to trust anymore. A: "Oh my God, did you hear the world shattering news?" B: "Yeah, I can't believe that Sue is leaving the company. It won't be the same without her!"
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dash (one's) hopes

To undercut one's dreams or optimistic views. I became a lawyer after my parents dashed my hopes of being an artist.
See also: dash, hope

hardly earth-shattering

Not surprising. Greg has been staying late at the office regularly for months, so it's hardly earth-shattering news that he was chosen for the big promotion.
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shatter (one's) hopes

To undercut one's dreams or optimistic views. I became a lawyer after my parents shattered my hopes of being an artist.
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dash/shatter somebody’s ˈhopes

destroy somebody’s hopes of doing or getting something: Any hopes that the museum would be built this year were dashed yesterday when the council announced its plans to spend less money on the arts.His poor performance in the exam shattered his hopes of becoming a lawyer.
See also: dash, hope, shatter
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Some of the cannabis shatter drugs were even found prepared in packaging with the Drumstick logo stuck on the front.
In Shatter, it is clear she feels remorse for her actions, but she continues to manipulate people and events--including using sex.
Mr Shatter said: "No one should have to fight three-and-ahalf years for the truth to come out.
Toughened glass can shatter when it has either manufacturing imperfections or when owners have tried to remove food stains - often obscuring the view of the food - with cleaners.
We understand the experience of the glass breaking can be distressing, however tempered glass is designed to shatter to minimise risk of injury.
"In some instances damage to the table, such as bad scratches, can get slowly worse with time which is why some tables may shatter unexpectedly."
Meanwhile, former Justice Minister Alan Shatter lost his seat after the Green Party claimed a surprise victory in Dublin Rathdown.
BEIRUT: It is not a "valid distinction" to differentiate between Hezbollah's military and political wings, Alan Shatter, Ireland's minister for defense, justice and equality, said Sunday.
Shatter's statement, as cited by, came late Tuesday in response to a question of Bulgarian socialist MEP Iliyana Yotova on the Schengen bids of Bulgaria and Romania.
NHTSA said it has received 11 consumer complaints saying that sunroofs have shattered or exploded in their 2012 Veloster models.
Unlike previous shade incarnations, this year's Pink of Hearts Nail Lacquer marks the debut of fan-favorite Shatter coat in OPI's first pink shade.
Shatter said yesterday: "We've made very specific decisions in the public interest.
Napa, Calif.--Heavy rainfall and rollercoaster temperatures near bloom time contributed to berry shatter in Northern California's coastal vineyards in late spring, but some viticulturists believe the shatter effects could result in better quality fruit with minimal intervention.
OPI has launched the limited edition Pink Shatter: Pink of Hearts nail lacquer ($8.50) to support Susan G.