shit on (someone or something)

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shit on (someone or something)

1. rude slang To harshly or excessively criticize someone or something. I know you're stressed about the wedding, but can you please stop shitting on me? I didn't intentionally bring the wrong box of decorations! If she's just going to shit on my ideas like that, then I don't see any reason to participate any longer.
2. rude slang To mistreat someone in a very cruel or unfair manner. Between losing my job and girlfriend, it just feels like life has been shitting on me lately. I'm at the lowest rung on the ladder at work, so I get shit on by pretty much everyone.
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shit on

Treat with malice or disrespect, as in I'm tired of all these administrators shitting on me every time I want to try something new . This usage is vulgar slang.
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shit on someone

1. in. to defecate on someone. (Usually objectionable.) Watch out! That cow almost shit on you!
2. tv. to treat someone very badly. (Usually objectionable.) The prof shit on the whole class by assigning a paper due Monday morning.
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