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Comparing the photos, the OnePlus 3 shoots photos with the best colour, sharpness and saturation balance, in bright daylight situations.
This section details a methodology suitable for calibrating document or microfilm scanning equipment with respect to the image sharpness quality factor.
In particular, we measured a few quantum states simultaneously in order to increase statistics and sharpness of increase of neutron count rate at zero height above mirror.
The company touts its Sweed/ Ramjet alligator shears as "simple to operate and easy to maintain, utilizing two adjustable blades which are designed to he reground to sustain their sharpness.
The downside is the combination of moisture and heat, which can reduce the sharpness and longevity of instruments.
It's this kind of insightfulness and incitefulness to open-ended and uncomfortable readings and associations that reveals Newkirk to be a shrewd negotiator of identity politics--a canny, latter-generation practitioner deeply interested in the problematics of allusion and capable of asking viewers to deal directly with questions of color as well as of transparency, opacity, sharpness, crystallization, violence, consumption, internalization, purity, shape, symbol, silhouette, and profile.
To be fair, I should add that not everyone agrees the technique improves text sharpness, especially on laptops.
When it comes to choosing a projector for the classroom, LCD maintains a slight edge in terms of price, sharpness and brightness.
The attributes quantified are the watermark intensity and the sharpness difference, both measured as percentages.
Able to replace any conventional blade, including those used in all slitting and converting processes, the M-2 slitter blade is said to provide long-lasting sharpness that results in more accurate cuts and a significant reduction in web and/or trim tears, thickened and wavy edges, contamination build-up, etc.
Aspherical Optical Technology eliminates image distortions and provides corner-to-corner sharpness.
Panza could not resist making the house have boat-like characteristics, and its prow cuts the sky and the green waves below with rather alarming sharpness.
Current methods of gauging sharpness are based on the effectiveness of cutting and retention of the ability to cut either through known amounts of test material or with no measurable change in the cutting force.