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The new lenses maintain their sharpness even when wide open under low light conditions or during the change of shooting distance.
Today we just lacked that bit of sharpness physically.
The 186 Australian women, ages 57 to 68, took three different tests of mental sharpness and also noted whether they thought their own children had been particularly demanding of them in the last year.
The blade relies not only on sharpness, but the strong blade/ tool connection provided by the company's 0IS interface system.
The official opening of Tynemouth Outdoor Swimming Pool at Sharpness Point on June 27, 1925.
They look beautiful, feel comfortable in the hand and came in the top 1 percent of all brand knives when tested for sharpness and edge retention.
He knows a couple of the lads and asked to come down to get some games in and some sharpness back.
Alex (Hleb) is still searching for sharpness and fitness, as is the case with Beausejour.
Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday, that's where you get your sharpness.
The sharpness of a photographic imaging system or of a component of the system (lens, film, image sensor, scanner, enlarging lens, etc.
After a result that left both sides still in danger of relegation from the Premiership, Keegan said: "I've said for five or six weeks now that Michael is getting back to full sharpness - but every time he doesn't score, people say he is not the same player.
But the Italian must have been impressed by Owen's sharpness as his third goal in six games eased some of the pressure onKeegan, who picked up his third point in his eighth Barclays Premier League game since returning to Tyneside.
Germany's most highly regarded consumer testing agency makes it official: When it comes to sharpness, cutting durability and hardness, Solicut's chef's knife is rated tops .
Information would be transmitted from a thin-film transistor to the windshield through a magnifying lens that guarantees the image is of the proper size and sharpness.
Though not devoid of satiric sharpness, ``Matando Cabos' '' has such a bleak view of human nature that it leaves you wishing that someone would just take all of its self-centered characters away somewhere and never bring them back.