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bring (one) up sharply

To cause one to abruptly stop doing something. The sudden blaring of the alarm brought me up sharply on my way down the hall. News of the reduction in funding brought our researchers up sharply.
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bring someone up sharply

 and bring someone up short
to surprise or shock someone; to make someone face something unpleasant, suddenly. The slap in the face brought me up sharply. The loud bang brought me up short.
See also: bring, sharply, up
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While demand domestically also fell sharply after APTMA's decision to close down the mills over dull attitude of the government, delay in releasing the refunds and higher cost of doing business made millers in jeopardy.
Some investors also stayed sidelined after the European Commission, the EU's executive body, sharply revised down the growth rate for 2013 in the eurozone effectively to zero.
Global chief investment officer at Citi Private Bank, Richard Cookson, said that the Chinese economy is likely to slow down sharply this year as growth in China has largely been unstable, being driven by credit and property bubbles.
Profitability fell for a fourth successive quarter but not as sharply as earlier this year.
Dermoid cysts are typically thin-walled and unilocular, with a sharply marginated, enhancing rim.
The IRSG said since the final quarter of last year, global NR latex consumption and imports have been recovering, while production and exports have declined sharply.
For some scrap dealers in the South this could be a chance to obtain aluminum (as well as other metals) at sharply reduced prices.
In this analysis, compared with their counterparts who remained adequately employed during pregnancy, women who became part-time workers without wanting to do so had sharply elevated odds of giving birth to an infant with low birth weight (odds ratio, 7.
However, macroeconomic controls implemented in spring 2004 by the Chinese government sharply reduced demand for construction machinery.
In such a scenario, mortgage rates would also rise sharply and puncture the great American housing boom.
The conditions that Soviet students faced in the 1920's and 1930's were sharply different from those of their pre-Revolutionary counterparts.
Here's a murder-mystery romp that also offers sharply observed, witty social commentary on the manners and mores, habits, haunts and behavioral subtleties among contemporary BBBs.
The national average yield in 2000 reached a record high of 6,278 pounds per acre, up sharply from 5,866 pounds in 1999.
Investigators report that tragedy struck as the pilot tried to bank sharply and avoid Newcastle Airport airspace last October.
Word recall and recognition dropped sharply in the sleep-deprived.