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bring (one) up sharply

To cause one to abruptly stop doing something. The sudden blaring of the alarm brought me up sharply on my way down the hall. News of the reduction in funding brought our researchers up sharply.
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bring someone up sharply

 and bring someone up short
to surprise or shock someone; to make someone face something unpleasant, suddenly. The slap in the face brought me up sharply. The loud bang brought me up short.
See also: bring, sharply, up
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ejaculated her aunt, turning sharply about as she reached the head of the stairs.
Well, Nancy, it do look like as if she'd tried ter get as nigh Heaven as she could, and that's a fact," he agreed, pointing with a crooked finger to where, sharply outlined against the reddening sky, a slender, wind-blown figure was poised on top of a huge rock.
Summary: Official figures show industrial production in Britain fell sharply during January, raising fears the country will suffer its third recession in not much more than four years.
Equities tumbled sharply on Wall Street on Wednesday, a day after President Barack Obama won reelection, on looming concern over the country's fiscal health and prospects for weak European growth.
Global Banking News-January 13, 2012--Citi says China's growth could retard sharply in 2012(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Summary: A stronger-than-expected US Nonfarm Payrolls report has forced a noteworthy pullback in the Japanese Yen, as the safe-haven currency fell sharply on impressive.
Firms are also cutting investment plans sharply as worries about future demand intensified.
Epstein of the School of Social Work, University of Nevada presents Psychotherapy as Religion: The Civil Divine in America, a studious yet sharply critical look at the flaws of America's modern system of psychotherapeutic treatment (drug therapy and psychopharmacology are not covered).
The retail price of gasoline, which fell sharply at the end of summer, has also stabilized in recent weeks.
Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a sharply demarcated, fluid-filled, sublingual cyst that measured approximately 7.
5 percent three months earlier and was sharply lower from the 13.
90 million metric tons, on an annualized basis, in May 2006, its growth rate having stabilized in recent months at around 2%, after declining sharply in the second half of last year.
Of the processors contacted, most acknowledge that prices have been climbing quite sharply during the past several months.
The Chinese market for hydraulic excavators has grown sharply in recent years, increasing fivefold since 1999.
In such a scenario, mortgage rates would also rise sharply and puncture the great American housing boom.