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Data also indicated the sharpest rise in input buying since the survey began in August 2009.
According to the Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking North East PMI report - a seasonally adjusted index that measures the combined output of the region's manufacturing and service sectors - growth was supported by the sharpest intake of new business since March 2010, although employment levels rose at only a modest pace.
Real estate investment trusts, or Reits, have risen more than 5 per cent so far this week, headed for their sharpest weekly gain in more than four years, though an upward trend in interest rates could cap further gains, said CIMB analysts in a research note.
80 a troy ounce is the sharpest two-day tumble since 1983, when the last gold bull market was unraveling, Financial Times said in a report quoted by CNN.
Output and new orders increased solidly and employment levels rose at the sharpest rate in three months.
BEIRUT: The price of gasoline saw the sharpest increase this week, rising by LL400, according to the Energy and Water Ministry's latest price list update.
0 percent to 279,389 units for the all-time sharpest percentage point decline and the seventh straight month of fall.
Belgium and Germany noted the sharpest monthly increases among major counties, whilst Sweden saw the strongest annual expansion.
The number of temporary and contract jobs also increased in recent weeks, with short-term appointments rising at the sharpest rate for almost three years.
Summary: The newly refurbished Hubble space telescope is showing us the sharpest photos yet of deep into the cosmos.
Now, Hubble's sharpest camera has died, and there's no way to bring it back to its full power.
The sharpest, most sensitive camera on the aging Hubble Space Telescope has stopped working, and its most impressive capability can't be revived, NASA announced this week
SAT scores are way down this year, the sharpest decline in 31 years.
This has resulted in a loss of goodwill towards America which could be as serious in the long-term as the sharpest of military defeats.
Drummer Matt Tong's insistent, thunderous rhythm beds ground the band's sharpest production yet.