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Sharper, 39, wearing a striped, light blue suit, said he was entering the plea because it was in his best interest.
Sharper was taken to a Los Angeles jail for booking and processing.
NASDAQ: ICON) purchased the Sharper Image brand in October 2011.
Sharper Image, the retail chain that had been under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection since February, was purchased in June by a joint venture consisting of Hilco Consumer Capital, Gordon Brothers Brands and Bhiestar Alliance.
The thing is, the faster you try to take a turn and/or the sharper you try to make it--the more rapid or great the change in direction--the more centripetal force you need.
Sharper is currently in custody in Los Angeles, where he has pleaded not guilty to seven rape and drug counts in connection with two alleged attacks in Hollywood.
The new The Sharper Image[R] and 2COOL[R]ergonomic laptop stand and stylish workspace collections from RTA Products feature sleek, modern silhouettes that will revolutionize your daily grind.
I never walked out of a Sharper Image with a purchase, even though my sons and I spent lots of time fooling around with the merchandise.
Lewis, the reigning league defensive MVP, had a wonderful game but was no more magnificent than Sharper, who contributed a team-high nine tackles, seven of them unassisted.
LAS VEGAS -- The Sharper Image's licensee SI Products, well known for cutting-edge technology and design excellence, will unveil a highly anticipated array of innovative new home audio products at the upcoming CES Show in Las Vegas.
Sharper, 38, also is under investigation in sexual assault cases in Florida, Nevada and Arizona and has pleaded not guilty to rape charges in Los Angeles.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sharper Image is significantly expanding its marketing initiatives for 2010 with a major push during the holiday season which includes; the launch of a national television advertising campaign, prominent billboards in New York City's Times Square, sports arena signage, freeway billboards and brand signage in high traffic airports.
NEW YORK -- What does the future hold for Sharper Image?
Customers can exchange valid Sharper Image gift cards at any one of Brookstone's 316 stores nationwide and receive the instant 25 percent discount off their purchase.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Sharper Image Corporation (NASDAQ:SHRP) today announced that it has signed a multi-year licensing agreement with MerchSource, LLC, a leading supplier of consumer merchandise.