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She's a real street-wise sharp cookie who knows exactly what she wants.
You're a sharp cookie Gemini, your mind is a wonderful thing to behold but is it working soft baked?
Underneath that soft, feminine exterior lies a pretty sharp cookie and you shouldn't mess with that recipe
As one Tory insider put it: "We elected Michael Howard because he was a sharp cookie, a tough operator with lots of political nous unlike Iain Duncan Smith.
Targets for repeated scorn are the "Jackass" series, Adam Sandler (though it's admitted he must be a sharp cookie to milk dumbness so profitably), and of course our source for much global shock and awe, George W.
Rebus may have problems with whisky and the kind of diet that drives doctors to despair, but he's a sharp cookie when it comes to unravelling crimes.
Is it a selling point to have such a sharp cookie in your shop window?
Ritchie lives in the real world, he is a sharp cookie and didn't get top jobs in TV and tennis by coming second to anyone.
I've found him to be an honest and quite sharp cookie, which I was expecting from the upbringing he has had.
There's no question he's a sharp cookie and he's determined to get the results he requires one way or another so he can go to university to study forensic science.
But one of them works wonders for Wally, transforming him from bog-standard ruminant into a sharp cookie with the mental firepower to outwit the police, the Army, his white-coat wearing creators and a band of international terrorists.
And it inspires the headline of the season from one sharp cookie at the old Currant Bun.
Honestly, whoever thought about setting up a rival business right next door is probably the sort of sharp cookie who would buy a plot of land and open a swing park across the street from Disneyland.