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Baldridge (1969) had demonstrated the impracticability of deterring shark attacks by waterborne chemicals, so the idea of shark repellents had lost some of its appeal.
Our shark repellent dye contains a chemical that repels and disorientates sharks.
Even though there's no utility belt with shark repellent spray in this movie, the Batmobile has changed from a sleek, streamlined car into a military monster.
The world's first personal shark repellent device, designed to be worn by swimmers and divers, has been unveiled by SeaChange Technology, an Australian marine electronics company.
He was instrumental in developing many of our best-selling products, like our shark repellent.
Mark's experiences included tagging a 12-foot great hammerhead and carrying out shark repellent tests on a tiger shark.
Now it is all possible, and no scuba gear or shark repellent is necessary.
OTCBB:TKAT), announced today that it has completed the second phase of testing on a patent pending sunscreen formulation containing a proven chemical shark repellent (SharkDefense, LLC.
But since then the firm, in Clydesmuir Road, Tremorfa, has developed into perhaps the world's leading maker of survival gear - it now counts bombproof pants, unmanned aerial vehicles, shark repellent and mine detectors among its creations.
s ability to develop brand recognition and distributor relationships for its products, execute its business strategy in a very competitive environment, its lack of financial resources, risks related to market acceptance and demand for its products and its ability to successfully develop and market innovative products such as a sunscreen formulation containing a chemical shark repellent.
In a recent interview with the Echo, Jamie revealed he had fears of sharks, which prompted Cardiff-based equipment specialists BCB International Ltd to leap into action to donate some of their highly effective shark repellent for the trip.
OTCBB:TKAT), announced today it has completed the first phase of testing on a sunscreen formulation containing a chemical shark repellent.
We'll be undertaking autopsies, testing out various shark repellents, discovering if sharks really do mistake surfers for seals, and we'll be doing all of this surrounded by the best experts in world.