share pain

share someone's pain

to understand and sympathize with someone's pain or emotional discomfort. (Said in order to sound sympathetic.) I am sorry about the loss of your home. I share your pain. We sympathize about the loss of your mother. We share your pain.
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Murat Hazinedar, BeE-iktaE- Mayor who also held a speech and said that they share pain of France.
To start your story, pose a provocative question or share pain points your readers likely experience.
No never, We can share pain, yours and mine, for , Cramlington
The key objective of the partnership is to provide a platform for small businesses to share pain points and receive relevant educational content.
We are here to share pain and grief being felt by citizens of Karachi after bomb blast, he said.
But in London it was continued share pain for Northern Rock today, down another seven per cent, or 7.
People of the same sex can care for each other, they can love each other, they can share pain, they can do a lot of things,'' he said.
He added: "What is on display is an attempt to share pain through looking physically alike.
Our desires to share pain, heal wounds and re-establish friendships are sincere.
In his message, Sahin said, "I share pain of our Jewish citizens and I hope that such tragedy will not occur again.
That we all share pain, and that God shares all our pain, is one of the things that make all humans one family.
He said Turks and Armenians will learn to share pain and common history, adding, "they will live together.
If not, we will only share pain," Gul told Talabani during the meeting.
Allies share pains and pleasures rather than pursuing onesided agenda.