share pain

share (one's) pain

1. To commiserate with one about the same negative experience. A: "I lost nearly everything during the economic crash." B: "I share your pain. I had to shutter the business my great-grandfather built because of the crash." I'm going down to the bar with the other laid-off workers to share their pain.
2. To relate one's negative experience or feelings to someone else. You should keep all that sadness and anger bottled up inside. It's important to share your pain with someone who can help you learn how to cope with it. It was nearly a year after her father died that Sarah finally shared her pain with me.
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share someone's pain

to understand and sympathize with someone's pain or emotional discomfort. (Said in order to sound sympathetic.) I am sorry about the loss of your home. I share your pain. We sympathize about the loss of your mother. We share your pain.
See also: pain, share
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He said, 'We feel and share pain and agony of every victim of braid chopping and we are also pained to see the oppression and suppression witnessed by them.
It'll take its toll in the next couple of days but we share everything we do, we stick together as a side, "We share pain, we share the success.
Murat Hazinedar, BeE-iktaE- Mayor who also held a speech and said that they share pain of France.
There are varying degrees and nature of injustices that Hassan addresses, all of which assert through her content an urgency to share pain and loss, located at the center of marginality.
To start your story, pose a provocative question or share pain points your readers likely experience.
If staff are being asked to share pain, why are shareholders not included?
But in London it was continued share pain for Northern Rock yesterday, down another 7%, or 7.
But in London it was continued share pain for Northern Rock today, down another seven per cent, or 7.
Persistence is described in terms of the efforts of Cambodians (inside and outside the country) to revive their literature, the arts (particularly music and dance), their faith in Buddhism and in terms of their capacity to maintain their values and behaviours - such as the way in which they share pain and interpret action movies.
He added: "What is on display is an attempt to share pain through looking physically alike.
Our desires to share pain, heal wounds and re-establish friendships are sincere.
No never, We can share pain, yours and mine, for , Cramlington
In his message, Sahin said, "I share pain of our Jewish citizens and I hope that such tragedy will not occur again.
We are here to share pain and grief being felt by citizens of Karachi after bomb blast, he said.