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Come then, five thousand for a sixth share. It is throwing money away."
"Quite apart from my own share in the matter, it makes me positively sick to see a fellow like you mixed up with such a crew in such a game.
"Open an account to Hardwell in it; a quarter of all the shares I buy are to be in his name, and a quarter of all the profits I make in dealing in the shares is to be credited to him."
If you are asked questions as to why you are dealing in these shares to such an extent, you can say that the friend for whom you are acting desires to boom copper, and is going on the low price of the metal at the moment.
Wingrave at that time was the possessor of six thousand shares in the Royal Hardwell Copper Mine, which had cost him, on an average, two dollars twenty-five.
He bought five thousand shares in one block, and sold none.
He had bought these shares to hold; he did not intend to sell one.
On the third afternoon, Aynesworth met on the stairs a young broker, whom he had come across once or twice during his earlier dealings in the shares. They had had lunch together, and Aynesworth had taken a fancy to the boy--he was little more--fresh from Harvard and full of enthusiasm.
And we thought that some fool of an Englishman was burning his fingers with those shares. I'm not the only one caught, but the others can stand it.
"My people don't feel inclined to hold those shares any more, the market's in such an awful state, and they want you to take them up."
Release date- 27082019 - As a part of the share savings plan for employees in 2019, the following primary insiders have purchased Bakkafrost shares.
USD 0.112813 per share on paid-up Class B Preferred Shares Series 25;
Citycon Oyj (HEL:CTY1S) reported on Friday that it plans to reduce the number of all shares in the company through a reverse share split procedure so that each five shares shall be merged to one share.
The Board also declared dividends on the following non-cumulative preferred shares, payable on or after September 19, 2018 to shareholders of record at the close of business on August 21, 2018: