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Although career advancement was the top attribute Shapers looked for in an employer, with 48 per cent choosing it among their top three attributes, company culture came a close second (38 per cent), followed by training and development opportunities (32 per cent).
Our main purpose as Global Shapers is to create projects to better the community," says Andreas, describing a recent undertaking.
Unique Machine & Tool offers the 4500 Shape and Sand with two 10-hp direct drive variable speed floating shapers and 2-hp floating and tilting sanding.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the cyclic flexural fatigue failure resistance of the Revo-S Shaper Universal rotary NiTi files and to compare itto two other rotary NiTi files with similar size and taper, the Hero Shaper (Micro-Mega, Besancon, France) and the ProFile (Dentsply-Tulsa Dental, Tulsa, OK, USA).
Traffic Shaper empowers us with detailed knowledge of how people are actually using the network so we can make educated decisions when it comes time to add bandwidth.
If you're feeling adventurous, use one colour all over the eye in a light pink or violet and then add in Clinique Kohl Shaper for Eyes in Blackened Taupe (pounds 12) on the inner edge of the eye, all the way along.
The question is whether our policy shapers grasp them.
Hoffman Estates, IL, acquires through Bourn & Koch all assets relating to the manufacture of Fellows gear shaper cutting tools, including inventory and work in process.
Equipment related to producing shaper cutters will move to the Star Cutter plant in West Branch, Mich.
Having come to Africa with dreams of making some mark, Blixen finds herself more shaped than shaper and comes in time to recognize the tentative hold she has on others and on the land itself.
Technology is not a passive servant of the health care delivery system, but rather acts as a catalyst and shaper of that system.
The shaper steps toward this puffy white chip--descendant of the days when Duke Kahanamoku and other early surfers rode 100-pound all-redwood leviathans--wielding a whining electric plane, "mowing" the blank, moving up and down its length in a dance of tanned arms and flying white particles.
LOVEABLE: White lace body shaper, pounds 35 (01475 504040).
This allows extended time for shaping images with the Colour Shaper.