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Although career advancement was the top attribute Shapers looked for in an employer, with 48 per cent choosing it among their top three attributes, company culture came a close second (38 per cent), followed by training and development opportunities (32 per cent).
Our main purpose as Global Shapers is to create projects to better the community," says Andreas, describing a recent undertaking.
Unique Machine & Tool offers the 4500 Shape and Sand with two 10-hp direct drive variable speed floating shapers and 2-hp floating and tilting sanding.
Creative thinking combined with Colour Shapers and glazing techniques are the key elements in this new approach to decorative patterns, Using a layering process with acrylic paints and glazes, simple to complex patterns can be achieved through a subtractive method in which Colour Shapers, new silicone rubber tipped tools, are used to remove wet glaze to create images.
Each carbide-tipped shaper cutter features extra-thick cutting tips made of Amana's exclusive sub-micro grain carbide, allowing for multiple resharpenings, and is balanced for superior cutting performance and longer tool life.
Shaper Width: The maximum width which can be cut depends on the available movement of the table.
Extensive research with professionals revealed that sharpness is the number one attribute they look for in a hair shaper blade.
The Thigh Butterfly Shaper will help to tone, shape, and strengthen the thigh area through safe and comfortable exercise.
Cheat and gain a sleek silhouette in seconds with Uniqlo's new Body Shaper range.
10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates (DV14625, $54 minutes) with Lara Hudson offers five specific exercises: Simple Slimmer, Arms and Should Shaper, Waist Trimmer, Total Body Blast, and Slim & Sleek Stretch.
Both the shaper and the planer are single-point tools and cut only in straight lines.
Pu'u, a surfboard shaper for Morning Star Surf & Sport, believes the three boys had a close encounter with a 12- to 14-foot great white.
com)-- Chicago area garment retailer Cuteyloops[TM] unveiled the new PowerCurve[TM] body shaper for its fall fashion line-up.
The Gleason Pfauter GP 300 ES Gear Shaper can change over from spur to helical gears, or from one helix angle to another, without having to first change the guide to accommodate the new gear.
Using Power Shaper, a business can take advantage of that ability to buy power when it's cheaper, then sell it back when it's more expensive.