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Sustainable fashion is particularly important to Brazil, which is the fourth-largest textile and denim producer in the world and faces many of the negative effects of the fashion industry, including toxic materials entering the water supply and low-paid workers, says Livia Rudolph, 31, a Global Shaper from the Joinville Hub.
Generally, the use of ZVD shaper is preferable for its robustness and low sensitivity; however, the shaper time length is double that of the ZV shaper.
With responses from 125 countries worldwide and 285 cities, the Global Shapers Annual Survey 2015 is one of the most geographically diverse surveys of millennials.
Mini Max offers the T45 shaper featuring micro-adjustable infeed and outfeed fences, a 1.25-inch interchangeable spindle and a quick spindle lock for tool changes.
The cover art underscores the book's focus on the dual-form shapers by featuring a profile that is half male and half female, depicted in pleasing pastels.
This innovative all-in-one body shaper from Debenhams offers firm control shaping from under the bust right down to your thighs.
Most problems with fit are due to a misaligned shaper spindle.
Cooper Lighting has expanded its Shaper Fabrique Architectural Fabric Series of decorative pendant, wall and surface luminaires.
23 (Petra) -- The World Economic Forum (WEF) on Sunday launched Global Shapers Middle East Community in an effort to tap into potential of the youth generation, especially given recent events in the Arab world.
ALL SHAPES Triumph Retro body shaper pounds 40 APPLE Amourette from Triumph, bra pounds 26, briefs pounds 16, UNDERWEAR shop owner Louise Lewis calls herself the Gok Wan of the lingerie world and believes the right bra can knock years off any woman.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the cyclic flexural fatigue failure resistance of Revo- S Shaper Universal rotary NiTi files and to compare it to two other rotary NiTi files with similar size and taper, the Hero Shaper and the ProFile.
"We're thrilled to partner with "Burlesque," because the film embodies the notion of fearlessness and celebrates creative expression on so many levels, so it really is a natural fit for Sebastian," said Reuben Carranza, chief executive officer of P&G Salon Professional North America." Since the birth of Shaper hairspray in Hollywood 25 years ago, Sebastian has maintained its commitment to supporting and enabling creativity on movie sets, red carpet events and editorial shoots."
Sonic Shaper Capers offers children and their parents the chance to draw with the help of robots.
25 -- Meraki, the cloud-based wireless networking company, has announced the launch of Meraki Traffic Shaper, an application aware bandwidth control system integrated with Meraki's wireless networking solutions.
This three-way convertible shaper flattens the tummy and lifts the bust.