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Sudha et al observed various altered shaped placentae in pregnancies complicated by anaemia, gestational diabetes mellitus and pre-eclampsia.
For example, the torsional resistance of the same material to a flat shaped indentor was tested at room temperature, 60[degrees]C and 80[degrees]C and at 300 N, 500 N and 700 N axial load (figure 5).
It is the ultimate sense of the form which remains, as if floating in the air, because of how it is shaped and is located in space.
When required, cores are also fixed in proper position in the mold with specially shaped metal forms called chaplets that melt and become part of the casting.
Air cylinders around the perimeter of the frame provide the proper degree of tension and slip, in order to prevent wrinkling as the mat is shaped by bringing the two mold halves together.
The seal consists of rubber (NR) bonded to annular shaped steel elements.
Smeared graphite can give the appearance of an irregularly shaped nodule or can mask the presence of Widmanstatten graphite.
Following mixing, compounds are shaped by several methods.
Most bacteria are shaped like rods or spheres, but some assume curved or helical forms.
Points were unevenly shaped and varied greatly from piece to piece.
The creature's vertebrae are shaped like hockey pucks, and they're stacked so close to one another that the spine is essentially unbendable.
sapiens children have similarly shaped hipbones, report Tona Majo and Anne-Marie Tillier, both of the University of Bordeaux in France.