in shambles

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in (a) shambles

Fig. in a messy state; destroyed. After the earthquake, the town lay in shambles. The TV set was in a shambles after John tried to fix it.
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A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said they were responding to reports of a man who was found collapsed, but conscious, in the Shambles.
It's a shambles and I get the impression the players don't know what they are supposed to be doing.
She says: "The photograph of Shambles Lane showed the greengrocers belonging to the Howarth brothers, George and Henry, I think.
It was goalless until 70 minutes when Shambles went ahead - Ross Donnelly heading home Ashley McAlpine's free-kick.
The once lush green public parks of the country's major city are in shambles.
The sanitation and cleanliness system is also in shambles and the entire area is giving the look of a garbage dump.
MANILA -- Many of the historic churches in Bohol are now in shambles after a 7.
Tenders are invited for The shambles car park rejuvenation and pedestrian access, tuam
OLYMPICS security shambles firm G4S has been handed around 200 Games tickets, The People can reveal.
HOME Secretary Theresa May denied that Olympics security was a shambles yesterday after the military was called in to plug a gap left by the failure of private provider G4S.
Fixture list a shambles How right Geoff from Worcester (Chatroom, yesterday) is about the fixture list this week - a complete shambles
She has been adopted by a talking ferret called Shambles and the story charts their relationship.
But the dog's owner Henry Blakeway, 40, walked free from SHAMBLES 1 Hamilton Sheriff Court after prosecutors wrongly called the unfenced garden where the dog was kept "a public place".
Poetry in a Tutu, Democracy in a Shambles, Safe for Bourgeois Consumption