in shambles

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in (a) shambles

Fig. in a messy state; destroyed. After the earthquake, the town lay in shambles. The TV set was in a shambles after John tried to fix it.
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The proposed development of the shambles car park for approximately 30 cars will include construction of pavement, surface water drainage, foul sewer, watermain, public lighting, utility trenches and ducting, irish limestone paving on footways, lining, signage, street furniture, tree planting and all associated works and traffic management.
The Old Shop and 83a both sit on the High Street while Shambles Cottage extends from the back of the ?
He had been bailed three times at Hamilton Sheriff Court SHAMBLES 2 - for offences that included carrying a knife and breach of the peace - and was wearing an electronic tag.
Savage, now at Blackburn, said before yesterday's draw with Czech Republic: "Our game is an utter shambles.
Eager to impress Wall Street, Skilling and his lieutenants paid their managers to aim at questionable financial targets; consequently, their internal system of financial controls was a shambles.
In a city where small businesses struggle just to stay afloat, where whole neighborhoods are terrorized by gangs and the transportation system is a shambles, it's hard to see why taxpayer money should be used to underwrite a good night's sleep under a goose-down duvet - or a few companies' bottom lines.
Unfortunately, some state school boards are not much better, and the federal "No Child Left Behind Act" is also a shambles.
He was responsible for John Schlesinger directing the film, asking Paramount and Tom Rosenberg to get him, thinking he could save a script in shambles and get a decent performance out of Madonna.
Shambles by Debra Monroe is the story of surviving and coping the aftermath of neglect, terror, and tragedy.
Meanwhile, the nation's economy is a shambles, and the World Food Program estimates that almost half the population will need food aid by the end of the year.
As of this writing, the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority is in shambles, the future of the Authority's leader, Yasser Arafat is uncertain, and in a piece of symbolism strong enough to evoke tears, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Christ, is under siege.
Needless to say, when the brown furry family returned from their fishing expedition, they were shocked and dismayed to see the shambles the puerile hoodlum had made of their woodland homestead.
The documentary has even been widely praised by a press otherwise too cowed to tell the real story about Panama, which has remained in a shambles ever since the American attack.
The brief contends that to require a "health" exception for parental notification laws "would be to make a shambles of existing abortion regulations.
MORPETH Shambles recorded a comprehensive 14-0 victory over North Seaton in Division One this week.