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cross the stream where it is shallowest

proverb To do something by using the easiest method available. Let's just cross the stream where it is shallowest and find a spot that you can pull right in to—don't worry about parallel parking.
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given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow

Testing out software with a large base of developers allows for bugs to be found, understood, and corrected quickly. Also known as "Linus's law" in honor of Linus Torvalds, developer of the Linux kernel. Come on, one of us will be able to figure out what's causing this bug. Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow, right?
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Cross the stream where it is shallowest.

Prov. To do things in the easiest possible way. Jill: How can I get Fred to give me permission to start this project? Jane: Cross the stream where it is shallowest. First ask Fred's boss for permission; I'm sure she'll give it to you. Then Fred will have to agree.
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Shallow has gone on to be the longest running number one song by a female lead in US music history, along with over 200 million streams.
When the ball is 2 feet or more away in a side lane's defensive zone, a shallow V hit back into the same lane is recommended (Figures 9 and 10).
In my camp area two shallow tube wells have been out of order for the past three months."
They stay shallow throughout cloudy days, especially under heavy snow.
A shallow westerly wave is affecting northern parts of the country, an official of Met Office told reporter on Wednesday.
That's why you see so many shallow draft technical poling skiffs and airboats darting along the coast.
The Jutana Formation is showing another episode of regression, while its facies are documented as shallow marine (JTI), followed by subtidal (JT2), intertidal (JT3) and some supratidal (JT4) facies.
Analysis of the ultimate pullout force of shallow anchors in rock and soil mass is required in a wide variation of geotechnical, petroleum, and mining engineering problems such as in the design of boreholes and mine shafts.
The 2015 shallow gas programme officially began on January 1st as planned, Tethys said.
Found mostly in shallow tropical seas like the in Bahamas, the ooids are a rare occurrence in the coastal waters of the Arabian Gulf.
It is important to use a shallow dish, Return the granita to the freezer, repeating the raking process every few hours or so until the whole dish consists of crunchy, flaky ice crystals.
What can I do to change as I really don't want to be a shallow person?
But unlike other tidal energy technologies, the wing is designed for shallow waters.
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