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on shaky ground

Questionable or lacking support, as of an idea. His hypothesis has been on shaky ground to since the beginning, so I'm not surprised that he couldn't prove it in the lab.
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on shaky ground

 and on dangerous ground
Fig. [of an idea or proposal] on an unstable or questionable foundation; [of an idea or proposal] founded on a risky premise. When you suggest that we are to blame, you are on shaky ground. There is no evidence that we are at fault. The case for relying solely on nuclear energy seems to be on dangerous ground.
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n. a camera, used mainly in advertisements and documentaries, that is shaken and moved constantly to create a sense of excitement, urgency, or crisis. We can’t afford much in the way of costumes for the sequence, so we will use the shaky-cam and shoot it in dim light.
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Sadly, Shaky, 58, has recently been diagnosed with incurable small cell lung cancer and may have only a year to live.
The US-led invasion shook the country to its core in 2003, and the Iraqi government's been shaky every since.
While Tremoraid is by no means a magic pill, noted a spokesperson for the natural shaky hands treatment, it is designed to provide natural support for essential hand tremors.
The Bank of England has said that the confidence in the banking system is shaky.
Shearerknowsnothing, Via Chronicle Live MARK SAYS: I did not think Jak Alnwick was shaky.
VIENNA, Dhu-AlQa'dah 13, 1435, September 08, 2014, SPA -- The ceasefire in Ukraine has largely held but remains shaky, a senior official of European security watchdog the OSCE said on Monday, according to Reuters.
Of course, bearing a strong resemblance to a robbery suspect is a little shaky for an arrest, and really shaky for a conviction.
Ois is the Midland music shop where you can pick up an Egyptianstyle lute dating back to the Book of Genesis - and a shaky egg
Meanwhile Shaky said he also learned of his grandfather's role in Britain's imperial past, fighting warriors in the Sudan.
The youngest of 13 children, Shaky grew up in Ely in Cardiff.
Summary: Paul Gascoigne has been filmed shaky and drunk at a charity event.
DAMASCUS, April 21 (KUNA) -- A team of United Nations observers, who are here to monitor the shaky ceasefire in Syria, visited on Saturday the central Syrian province of Homs on Saturday.
His appointment would be hugely popular with the fans, too - they wouldn't care if the home form was Shaky, the away form was Shaky and the goalkeeper's handling was Shaky.
Speaking as he prepares to perform before a Welsh audience next week, Shaky - real name Michael Barratt - has told how he would go to some of Cardiff's long-forgotten landmarks to enjoy film and music.
Catherine had a shaky start after criticism of her on-screen mum Michelle Collins' shaky Northern accent.