What's shakin' (bacon)?

slang What's going on? How are you doing? What's new with you? A: "Hey, bro, what's shakin' bacon?" B: "Yo Mike, not much man." What's shakin', y'all? Everyone have a good weekend?
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What's shakin'?

 and What's shakin' bacon?
Sl. How are you?; What is new? What's shakin' bacon? What's going down? Hi, Jim. What's shakin'?
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What’s shakin’ (bacon)?

interrog. How are you?; What is new? What’s shakin’ bacon? What’s going down?

What’s shakin’ ?

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When I couldn't see, or feel, an' when my knees was shakin an my head goin' like a merry-go-round, I'd fall safe into clenches just the same.
"Beg y' pardon, sir," he said, "but would you - would you min' shakin' 'ands with me, sir?"
I shanna rest i' my grave if I donna see thee at th' last; an' how's they to let thee know as I'm a-dyin', if thee't gone a-workin' i' distant parts, an' Seth belike gone arter thee, and thy feyther not able to hold a pen for's hand shakin', besides not knowin' where thee art?
The C-plus walkers will branch off to the monument and C walkers will continue to the 'shakin bridge.' There will be refreshments afterwards at the golf club.
REPEAT SHAKIN I feel very well, there is no need to worry," she said, adding that she was simply still in a phase of "processing" a previous shaking spell, but that "there has been progress".
Floral Pavilion Theatre, Marine Promenade, New Brighton, 0151 666 0000 - to Sat, 23 Mar MUSIC Shakin Stevens See Shakin' Stephens perform his greatest hits and more as he visits Liverpool.
029 2022 4488 MUSIC Shakin Stevens The platinum-selling entertainer and performer will be joined by his band to perform fan favourites, surprises and his much-loved hits.
They also endure weeks of Cliff, Shakin Stevens, The Pogues, Wizzard, Band Aid and Wham.
Shakin Stevens, Bridgewater Hall March 19, 2019 Michael Barratt, better known as Shakin' Stevens, has announced an 18-date tour for March 2019.
The extensive list of those who followed include Steel Pulse, The Specials, Sham 69, Lindisfarne, Mud, The Damned, Siousxie and the Banshees, The Fall, Graham Parker and the Rumour, The Stranglers, Jenny Haans Lion, The Cure, Aswad, Warsaw (who went on to become Joy Division), Shakin Stevens, the Be Stiff Tour, Talking Heads and The Undertones.
Notable people born there include Sir Henry Morgan, Shakin Stevens, boxers Steve Robinson and Nicky Piper, model and actress Danielle Lineker and Wales football coach and Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs.
But I don't think I'd learn any lesson that didn't leave me shakin in my boots."