shake the foundations of (something)

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shake the foundations of (something)

To impact something in a way that affects its very essence, especially concerning its values or beliefs. The death of her son shook the foundations of her beliefs. The election of the outsider candidate shook the foundations of the party, and led to a lot of soul-searching among its members.
See also: foundation, of, shake

shake/rock the ˈfoundations of something


shake/rock something to its ˈfoundations

cause people to question their basic beliefs about something: This issue has shaken the very foundations of French politics.
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And, of course, I missed those special games when the unique Blues atmosphere shakes the foundations of the stadium and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
Alder's quest for peace shakes the foundations of Earthsea.
Until teachers and administrators are trusted to do what's best for the students they serve, real reform that shakes the foundations of schooling will remain a concept more deeply embedded in rhetoric than in practice.