shake (one's) tree

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shake (one's) tree

To provoke or compel one into taking some sort of action or reform. I believe people are electing radical candidates like her because they want to shake the government's tree. The employees' strike certainly shook our tree a bit, so we've begun
See also: shake, tree

shake someone's tree

Arouse to action or reaction, disturb, as in He really shook Hollywood's tree.
See also: shake, tree

shake (someone's) tree

To arouse to action or reaction; disturb: "[He] so shook Hollywood's tree that ... all manner of ... people called me unsolicited to itemize his mistakes or praise his courage" (Tina Brown).
See also: shake, tree
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Many farms will shake your tree to remove loose needles and insects and then wrap it in twine for the ride home.
Don't worry if apples don't shake your tree, though, they'll also have all your favourite goodies too, 9am-2pm, Stewart Park.
At other people's weddings, though, you're obliged to mix with drunks and psychopaths, wear hats, listen to boring speeches, and dance to Agadoo with a pervy uncle who wants to push your pineapples and shake your tree.
The thought of an entire album dedicated to the world's most (ob)noxious habit may justifiably make you want to gag, but any project that allows lang to forever recontextualize those famously bad Steve Miller Band lyrics ("I really love your peaches / Want to shake your tree") can't be bad for you.
In the middle of a bar in Ayr which punts itself as being a classic example of all things American, it just doesn't shake your tree.