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Summary: a look back at some of the recent news related to money that made you laugh, gasp, sigh, or shake your head in disbelief..
Mrs Carins, a parish councillor who lives at Station Road in Stannington, accused long-serving Ponteland councillor Harrington of saying "You're talking balderdash woman, you are really talking balderdash" and also saying "do not shake your head at me woman".
Nealn Nikki (12A): This is the kind of movie that you see (if you're unlucky) and shake your head, wondering how it ever got made.
Slowly shake your head back and forth and give the gap a look that says, "I've got this." If you have a friend filming you this is a perfect time to look at him, raise your finger and say "one more" (it also helps to think in slow motion).
I suspect most of you just shake your heads in disbelief when you hear how deep the general hostility toward corporations is, assuming it will never affect your bottom line.