shake your fist

shake (one's) fist at (someone or something)

To demonstrate one's anger, frustration, or annoyance toward someone by raising one's fist and shaking it in their direction. Can be used literally or figuratively. The old man sits on his porch shaking his fist at kids who walk on his lawn. There's no point shaking your fist at the universe when things aren't going your way—you just need to pick yourself up and do everything in your power to make things better.
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shake your ˈfist (at somebody)

hold up your fist (= your closed hand) at somebody because you are angry or because you want to threaten them: He got out of the car, shaking his fist in anger at the driver in the car behind.
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But just like in the ocean or at the golf course, you can either learn from this experience or shake your fist in the air.
And you can't stand there and shake your fist at that.
But getting up and having to make that trek outside only to realise its bucketing it down, just makes you want to shake your fist at the sky and tell the big man upstairs he isn't doing his job properly.
Today in news of executive branch hires that won't make you shake your fist in rage: Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, who in August 2015 became the first openly transgender White House staffer in history, has been appointed to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.
It's T'She presents you don't wrap, the turkey you don't buy and the shops you aren't currently battling round, cursing at the sky, unable to even shake your fist because it's clenched round five BHS bags and a brace of melting chocolate advent calendars.
And then shake your fist in the air, cursing Santa for not poop-scooping.
The increasingly global nature of business causes pain, but it's better to adapt to the competition than shake your fist at it.