shake tree

shake (someone's) tree

To arouse to action or reaction; disturb: "[He] so shook Hollywood's tree that ... all manner of ... people called me unsolicited to itemize his mistakes or praise his courage" (Tina Brown).
See also: shake, tree
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Questions like this make me want to shake Tree out of his funk.
He died in 1942 and the late cricket writer Peter Roebuck describing Yabba wrote that he called out in a voice that could shake trees in the distant suburbs.
The innovative Wii U (TM) GamePad (TM) lets gamers shake trees to make fruit fall, map out how to build the farm and interact with the farm animals using the touchscreen and microphone.
Gently shake trees to make sure the needles aren't falling off.
Severn Trent Water ranger Natalie Needham said: "We have got nets and things so we can shake trees and see what falls in the nets and then find out about the mini-beasts.
Growers shake trees so nuts fall onto a catching frame or canvas sheet.
Shake trees outdoors to remove any pests before bringing the tree inside.