shake off

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shake (someone or something) off

To rid or free oneself from someone or something that one finds aggravating, upsetting, or annoying. My little brother has been following me around all day; I need to shake him off. He had a hard time shaking off the feeling that Jane was cheating on him.
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shake (something) off

1. To shake something in order to get something off of it. I had to shake off the old tarp to get the bugs and dirt off of it.
2. To dislodge or get rid of something by shaking. He tried to shake the tic off him, but it had dug itself into his skin. Don't shake the mud off inside—go out in the back yard and do it!
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shake someone or something off

Fig. to get rid of someone; to get free of someone who is bothering you. Stop bothering me! What do I have to do to shake you off? I wish I could shake off John. He's such a pest!
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shake something off

to get rid of something that is on one by shaking. (See also shake a disease or illness off.) I tried to shake the spider off. The dog shook off the blanket Billy had put on him.
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shake off

Free oneself or get rid of something or someone, as in I've had a hard time shaking off this cold, or She forged ahead, shaking off all the other runners. It is also put as give someone the shake, as in We managed to give our pursuers the shake. The first term dates from the late 1300s; the slangy variant dates from the second half of the 1800s.
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shake off

1. To shake something so as to dislodge what is on it: We shook off the picnic blanket to get rid of the grasshoppers. I picked up the beach towel and shook it off.
2. To get rid of something by shaking: The dog climbed out of the creek and shook off the water. I shook the snow off my jacket and hung it up.
3. To free oneself of something; get rid of something: We shook off our fear and proceeded into the dark cave. The injured player shook the pain off and continued to play.
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SKY-HIGH Maddison is set to shake off a back injury for Coventry Peterborough v Walsall Jon Taylor should return for Posh and Jack Payne and Marcus Maddison (both ill) will be assessed.
Perhaps in Albania, with its worn and battered infrastructure and its continuing struggle to shake off the communist past, it takes faith to have faith in the future.
Peacock means "to shake off the bugbear of 'originality'" (26) and, in a sense, spends the whole book doing so.
Quality is still our major business opportunity," in order to take advantage of it, today's manager will need to look at it in a completely new light and shake off many of our traditional views toward quality, according to Timothy Hitchcock, president and CEO, Hitchcock Industries.
All these developments demonstrate China's attempt to leverage its vast consumption potential and growing manufacturing might to shake off the dependence on patents held by European and US companies.
but has struggled to shake off his association shake off his association with Venlo in his with Venlo in his homeland.
MIROSLAV KLOSE is hoping to shake off a back injury ahead of Germany's match with Uruguay tonight in what will be his last chance to write his name in the history books of the World Cup.
Brazilian midfielder Geovanni is expected to shake off a calf injury in time for the match.
Tony Mowbray is hopeful Clement will shake off the problem to allow him to play in tomorrow's poignant fixture.
Midfielder Amdy Faye is struggling to shake off an undisclosed injury, while Darren Ambrose will expect to retain his place.
The West Brom midfielder became the fourth player to withdraw from manager Walter Smith's squad after failing to shake off a niggling ankle injury.
And ``Carrolling,'' the celebration of the author's work at A Noise Within, might be just the thing to shake off the 70-degree days and get us into the yuletide mood.
I just shake off the dirt life dishes me and step up.
First prize for the local shake off is the all-expense-paid trip for two to Disney's MGM studios to compete in the national shake off, $500.
Thus is the way of "Black Friday," when millions of people shake off their tryptophan-induced hazes from their Thanksgiving meals to pound the pavement for the plethora of early-bird holiday specials.