shake it

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shake it

slang To dance, especially by wiggling, shaking, or gyrating one's buttocks. Yeah, shake it girl! Show us your moves! I just want to go out to a club with my friends and shake it for a few hours!
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shake it (up)

Inf. Hurry!; Move faster! Get going, chum! Shake it up! We're late. Shake it!
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Shake it !

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Joanna Preysler Francisco (second from left) with Diego, Monica and Mio Dizon Manille can now shake, shake, shake it off with their delicious one-of-a-kind burgers with the opening of the first Shake Shack in the country!
But it was heavy going - especially with the sweet raspberry custard shake it's served with - and predictably defeated me, even though I did keep picking long after I should have stopped.
Suave spy James Bond tells the bartender how to make his favorite cocktail, and instructs him to "shake it very well until it's ice-cold."
"It's fair to say, without criticising anyone, we need to shake it up a little bit," he said.
ON THE RUN Defender Chris Gunter breaks clear; SHAKE IT'S ALL OVER Poland's Brazilian match-winner Guerriero (second left) at the final whistle; FRIENDLY FIRE Joe Ledley gets it on the jaw from Poland's Marcin Wasilewski as they battle for a high ball; KEEP OUT Collison is denied by Fabianski and (right) Bale gets blocked by Wasilewski
If I have my arm down, VII shake it or just move my little finger towards my thumb, in and out.
Pull the filter from the canister and shake it gently.
Shake it up and Boba takes on its emblematic name as the bubbles float to the surface, then eventually fall to the bottom of the cup.
8 Put your pelvic bone in and you shake it all about,
I've never fully understood that `shake a stick at' expression, but believe me you would have to have a pretty big stick if you wanted to shake it at all of the BBC racing team in one go.
Rewarded by the special interests they protected, the freshmen raised so much money for their re-election that Ann McBride, president of Common Cause, remarked that they had "come to shake Washington up," but instead "they stayed to shake it down."
Jane says the only thing that made her uncomfortable were her pleather pants, so tight on the dance floor that "I couldn't shake it." She and Rachel plan on coming back next week.
For example, if McKenzie shakes her hand a certain way, the dolphin is supposed to shake its head back and forth.