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shady past

A dubious, suspicious, or potentially immoral or illegal past history. Investigators have begun looking into the shady past of the bankrupt company's CEO. I don't know, John, I wouldn't go out with a guy who has a shady past like that.
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on the shady side of

slang Older than; more than. I'm much more concerned about my health now that I'm on the shady side of 60. You're on the shady side of 20, which means you need to start acting more responsibly.
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shady character

 and a suspicious character
Fig. an untrustworthy person; a person who makes people suspicious. There is a suspicious character lurking about in the hallway. Please call the police.
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shady deal

Fig. a questionable and possibly dishonest deal or transaction. The lawyer got caught making a shady deal with a convicted felon.
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3 million for the new Shady Camp boat ramp which includes $970,000 to cover the shortfall left by the previous CLP Government.
this context, the importance of Shady Grove, the most recent progeny of
It is a great honor to be invited to serve on the Shady Grove Medical Center Governing Board.
Part I of this Article will discuss the Shady Grove decision in further detail, outlining the factual and procedural background, the majority's judgment, and the divergence between Justice Scalia and Justice Stevens on the issue of whether Rule 23 preempts every state law regarding class actions.
The Shady Lady's Guide to Northeast Shade Gardening is a wonderful guide to shade gardening and provides a simple, proven method for New England residents who want ideas for ornamentals in shady areas.
Police crackdown in the past has been effective to curtail the menace to some extent but recent incidents have shown that these "enterprising" agents and shady dealers are back in business.
According to communication manager at TE Data Mervat Abu Shady, customers with hearing disabilities can request technical assistance through video conferences with trained TE Data agents and use sign language to communicate.
The West Shady area began production at the end of 2011, and is expected to be commissioned in 2014 with a substantial increase in production.
Perfect', or for good contrast in a shady spot, go for B.
SHADY CHARACTERS: THE SECRET LIFE OF PUNCTUATION, SYMBOLS AND OTHER TYPOGRAPHICAL MARKS provides a fine history of punctuation marks, creating a reference that will appeal not just to literary collections, but those involved in typographic history and social history alike.
Ned explained that the "Sym" part was short for symmetrical and the "Shady" part was because of his shady nature in avoiding the waterhole.
I have them in drifts in a shady spot around a garden seat, to enable visitors to experience the sweet scent first hand.
This is huge discrimination," says Shady Abdel-Salam, who recently published a book about the problem.
5MW Shady Oaks wind power facility from Goldwind International(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.