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CILIP responded to repeated requests from shadowers around the country and now provides a live stream of the awards ceremony (via a paid-for platform and not YouTube or Vimeo, which are frequently blocked in schools) so that schools not lucky enough to attend the ceremony can watch the event as it happens.
Kolve's classic argument about the importance of prediction in cycle dramas once again, the character formerly seen as merely a textual shadower reveals himself to be an important performative foreshadower.
To escape their shadowers the Foxtrots were forced to dive to depths of over two hundred meters, out of communications with each other or with Moscow.
My attempts to shake my shadowers, for instance, or the way I would fly into a rage and shout at the television news or newspaper articles were either completely ignored or reported as if they had happened for different reasons.
Children will be encouraged to compare notes with shadowers in other schools and contact each other via e-mail.
That evening, the teachers being shadowed and their shadowers met with the Secretary to share stories and implications for their work.